How I feel today

I had my journal all planned out, then I woke up and my day started to go pear shaped, so I’ll publish that journal tomorrow. We tend to rely on a network of people who support us through our life and although we don’t equate most of those people or see them as a support, I believe they still are.

Those people are our Doctors, Hairdressers, Dentists, Opticians, anyone who looks after us, any one who allows us to live our life without too many problems, or if we have a problem, for them …

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30 Oct, 2010

My childhood struggles

I thought I’d write about my childhood struggles with my emotions, growing up. They seem completely relevant now. When I was a child I found it very difficult to shift my thoughts. I wasn’t capable and as many times as I tried, I failed as many times again.

Of course, as children we don’t always have the capabilities to understand how to move things away and living in a family with so much negativity didn’t help. Even if I could, living in a negative …

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29 Oct, 2010

All about our subconscious

The subconscious is a powerful tool. It’s not something we are consciously aware of, but it’s there and we need to continue to make ourselves aware.

It’s the tool that partly runs our life behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s not equipped to distinguish between truth and non-truths. It accepts what it’s told and directs those thoughts and reasons …

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28 Oct, 2010

Understanding the past

As a follow on from previous blogs about our emotions, we know that current behaviour emulates what we have learned from our past, which is why it is even more difficult to make changes in our present.

Opening our minds to all possibilities will help us understand and work through our abilities to understand, we will then find it easier to make the changes we need to make. We must continue to take …

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27 Oct, 2010

Working through the past

In my previous blog, I wrote about taking responsibility for our past so that we can move on and look to our future, but like many things in life, in reality it’s never that simple or easy to do.

I start this blog by outlining some of the things that should help us understand a little more about possible explanations and thoughts about the past and how we can change learned unhelpful bad …

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26 Oct, 2010

Seratonin & sleep

Something inspirational:

How many of us have problems maintaining a good quality sleep, along with good sleep patterns? That could be a problem relating to stress, but could also be because our serotonin levels are lower than they should be.

In times of stress the body needs to produce more of it. We need to increase foods that contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which boosts serotonin levels, reduce anxiety and bring about calm …

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25 Oct, 2010

Taking responsibility

When I first started writing for my site, I wrote a blog asking myself why we pleased others. Now I believe we have to do what’s right for us. The buck stops with us.

No one else in our lives will and can put our lives back on track, we must also do it for ourselves. Dig deep, search your sole and you’ll find the answers as to why your life has turned out the way it has …

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24 Oct, 2010

The uncertainties of illness

In the last couple of days I have been ill. I tend to go through phases where I stay well for a few weeks, but then go through illness blindly, because I have no idea what I deal with and how bad it will be.

Usually when I think I’m home and dry, I find I’m back again in the throws of illness again. Where other people recover in two days, it will take me four. I never really know what’s around the …

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23 Oct, 2010

The ties that bind

I have written a blog here on the site about my journey with Cerebral Palsy and how at the age of 46 I finally found out that is what I had been struggling with for all those years.

Rather late in the day. I also talked about the fact that it wasn’t a freak of nature that caused me to have Cerebral Palsy, but a costly mistake by the nursing staff on duty, leaving my mother for too …

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22 Oct, 2010