Using positive thoughts

How many of us negative self-talk, but don’t know what it is or that we’re doing it? It’s that little voice in our head that sometimes negatively talks back at us.

The less confidence we have; the more insecure we feel; or the more nervous we are, the more likely we are to use it. I grew up constantly with it. If you think you negative self-talk perhaps you can …

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30 Sep, 2011

Benefits of Eating Fruit

I am sure even if we consume little amounts of fruit; we’re all probably familiar and know how healthy fruit is. Fruit is packed with antioxidants, nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Fruit

  • Fruit contains antioxidant properties that helps protect our cells against free radicals that can cause cancer. Fruit can also help alleviate stress and other diseases;
  • Fruit is low in fat and contain next to no calories; is rich in fibre and vitamins and contain the good sugars which contribute to good health;
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29 Sep, 2011

Taking a rest

A passing thought:

How many of us fall asleep when we take ten minutes to relax during the day? Taking a catnap during the day can cut down on the build-up of stress. It also helps with alertness, helps us deal with what we have to deal with. Rest for between 15 and 20 minutes a day gives …

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27 Sep, 2011

Working at lifestyle choices

I always write about the things that contribute to my wellbeing that way not only in theory will I be emotionally and spiritually able to cope with whatever life throws at me, but physically too.

It’s true that lifestyles contribute to our wellbeing, but lifestyle can also make us ill. How many of us are happy with our lifestyles, with the way we live our lives?

I find the following helps:

  • Objectively identify the areas you’re not happy with and would like to improve and be sure of your reasons for wanting to improve them;
  • When you have identified the areas you should change or think you can do better with, decide what action you would like to take;
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26 Sep, 2011

My troubled week

I’m mad at myself. I’m annoyed, frustrated, angry, upset at what’s going on in my life in the past week. I’m annoyed at not being able to work through what I need to work through.

I’m annoyed at the system not caring enough, when we need help from the system. I’m annoyed at not having any support growing up. I’m annoyed at having to feel annoyed. I’m annoyed at …

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25 Sep, 2011

Omega 3 supplements

A passing thought:

Did you know that studies show that if you take regular Omega 3 supplements you will be better able to cope with stressful situations?

In a recent study, after 3 weeks of a diet supplemented with Omega 3, the production of mental stress hormones, were significantly reduced by 22% and production of anti-stress hormones up …

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24 Sep, 2011

Finding closure again

I was given my last opportunity on my Cerebral Palsy journey to see another Neurologist, to try to find out a little more on what I deal with and although the consultation wasn’t successful, I came away with many positive thoughts.

I went in to see the Neurologist with no preconceived ideas, but was hoping that he could shed some light on some of my symptoms. I wanted to be given another chance to work through some of my …

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23 Sep, 2011

Making good choices

I was never allowed to make any of my own choices when I was growing up. Of course making any kind of choice, takes confidence and the mental ability for us to be able to work through the consequences of making a final decision.

Making good choices allows us to make better decisions. So how do we go about encouraging children to make good choices?

The following tips may help:

  • Encourage children to make their own decisions by giving them two or three choices to choose from;
  • Work on a couple of choices so that they begin to learn to understand their choices and how to work through them;
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22 Sep, 2011

You’re on your own

I remember my father once telling me when he was ill that it doesn’t matter what you deal with, you’re on your own. Whether you’re dealing with a redundancy; a broken leg; or something else that changes the way we get to deal with life, ultimately you’re dealing with it on your own.

It’s not that others don’t want to help, but no one but us can sort out our problems. Of course we may have empathy for what others deal with, but the realities are that once the door is shut …

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21 Sep, 2011