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Dealing with Repressed Emotions

31 Mar

As a child I kept a lot of my emotions to myself, because my childhood wasn’t a particularly happy one.

Of course now things are different because I’ve learned to talk about things. When one talks about a repression of emotions, we’re talking about holding back on our emotions. It’s normally used as …

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The eternal sceptic

30 Mar

Many of us will know someone who lives and has made an occupation of being an eternal sceptic.

Scepticism is to question or throw doubt on knowledge. The sceptic will have his or her own opinions and will discredit what is being said and will usually want to carry out their own research before they …

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Seeing beauty

29 Mar

Inspirational quote:

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


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Cancer and sugar

28 Mar

The facts about sugar intake for many people are completely confusing, particularly for family who have a loved one dealing with cancer.

Learning about the connections between sugar and cancer is important primarily because we need to make the best nutritional choices when dealing with cancer.

The facts

Sugar feeds every cell in the body and the body needs sugar for energy. If we cut out sugar altogether, the body will take it from other sources such as fat and protein. The body cannot live without sugar …

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Judgment and spirituality

27 Mar

As a spiritual person, I have never tried to make anyone believe what I believe, or judged someone for what they believe. It’s simply not my way.

I believe that as individuals we evolve as we grow emotionally, physically and spiritually day by day. What we are today is not what we will be tomorrow. Every soul has a spirit. I also believe we …

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Why we shouldn’t conform

26 Mar

I used to feel guilty because I always conformed as a child, so thought it would be helpful to write about why it’s important for us to not to have to always conform to other people’s rules, and why we should learn to follow our own path more.

It stands to reason that if we live by our own rules, we’ll live with less stress and have more peace. We will be free to make our own choices and live our own lives; when we conform to fit our life into another person’s life, we will always live that other person’s life and not …

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25 Mar

Something inspirational:

“God grant me the serenity; To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.”


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Stress and my resolve

24 Mar

The issues I deal with on a daily basis are usually the reason why I’m an early riser.

I go to sleep okay with no thoughts, or preconceived ideas about any of the issues I might have been dealing with that day, but rest assured I will wake up with some of those issues in my head, with the answers on how I should resolve them.

It wasn’t the pattern I had as a child. As a child I wouldn’t get to sleep if I had a concern or worry and although it took me a while to sleep, once I sleep I usually stayed asleep. As the adult, I have no concerns …

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Treading water again

23 Mar

Just when I thought my family was turning a corner on our luck yesterday, we found ourselves facing another hurdle.

I just want something to go right; something that we can smile about, something that shows us we’re moving forward on the last 2 years. I’m not giving up on things. Tomorrow is another day.

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Defining our life

22 Mar

Something inspirational:

“As you emphasise your life, you must localise and define it. The more truly and earnestly you come to do anything, the more clearly you will see you cannot do everything. He who is truly good must be good for something. To be good for everything is to be good for nothing.”


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