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Diary update

31 Oct

I thought I’d take a break from my usual routine (it’s always nice) and put a couple of thoughtful quotes on the feature page. In the meantime I’ll still be writing blogs for the diary though …

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Muddled thoughts

30 Oct

Still trying to sort out and move forward with family matters. I have too much to do with too little time to do it all in and my thoughts are muddled. I am hoping for a clear much more productive …

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Measured success

29 Oct

How does anyone measure success? Success means different things to different people of course. Someone with a disability, someone dealing with depression will see being a success as just getting through one day. It’s difficult to measure success in its entirety because there are so many different forms, so many different perceptions of what success means to each of us. I measure success not by my achievements, but by my ability to work …

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A quote by Tagore

28 Oct

Something inspirational:

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.”


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The bigger picture

27 Oct

If we were able to understand that there is always a bigger picture to everyone’s life and circumstances, where they are in their lives, why they think and behave in a certain way, we would certainly learn to be less critical and less judgmental of them and their behaviour. We would get to see the bigger picture when we look at what they’re dealing with …

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Poignant memories

26 Oct

I was grocery shopping the other day when I came across a mother and her three children. One child was very young, so was being pushed around in his pushchair and her other two children were walking behind her, messing around. The elder child had his arm around his younger brother’s neck and when he complained to his mother that his brother had tried to strangle him, their mother told them both to leave each other alone …

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The universal laws

25 Oct

I’m not sure how old I was when I began to understand the universe and its laws. Whether we believe in the universal laws or not, the universal laws are there to bring us back into line. For example when we convince ourselves we cannot do something, the universe will conspire to make that happen. When we tell ourselves we can do something …

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24 Oct

Something inspirational:

“Diversity is not about how we differ.
Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”


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Psychological challenges

23 Oct

I know that living with CP has always had an affect on me psychologically. It’s not just a physical impairment but it’s a mental one too. The problem is people’s understanding of what we deal with, how and why.

I will try to peace together an explanation of what I go through emotionally with CP. For me I am hoping it will go some way to explain why fatigue has always played a big part in my life and why travel plays a big part in that too. I become agitated when I have to concentrate on sitting long distances. After a weekend break I came …

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Mango & pineapple sorbet

22 Oct

Mango & pineapple sorbet

foodblog 020

When you really fancy something that’s not quite ice cream and not quite Italian ice, sorbet is the perfect solution!  Sorbets are usually dairy free with a much lower fat content than ice cream and often made with a fruit base, so sorbet can also a great diet treat.


1 medium chopped banana

1 cup of mango, cubed …

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