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Drawing comparisons

31 Aug

Guilty, I’ve done it. I’m sure others have also done it too.

My blog today is about drawing comparisons. Unfortunately drawing comparisons can lead to discouragement, doubt and fear. Comparisons also limit our own ambitions, if we continue …

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A chilled weekend

30 Aug

I am sure that we’ve all been reminded of issues in one way or another, of things that have happened in the past that we’ve left behind. My life tends to go in fits and spurts but I’ve spent a large chunk of my life dealing with issues that have in one way or another been resurrected …

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A Paul Coelho quote

29 Aug

Something inspirational:

“If you’re brave to say “goodbye” life will reward you with a new hello.”


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Animal fats & bone density

28 Aug

Are you aware that consuming too much animal protein such as beef, chicken, lamb, duck, pork and milk can rob the body of precious calcium?

It is little known that the calcium-rich plant foods are in fact the best sources of the enablers of calcium metabolism. Indeed an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition article entitled, “Incidence of osteoporosis in vegetarians and omnivores,” cited that vegetarians …

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Changing negative self-talk

27 Aug

Living around negativity will automatically create negative self-talk. Through negative self-talk we can talk ourselves into almost anything if we continue to do it for long enough. I know because I was that child.

To live positively we must become aware both of the words that we speak outwardly to other people and our inner self-talk. We must always think on a conscience level about how we speak …

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A Lisa Lutz quote

26 Aug

Something inspirational:

“Our ability to adapt is amazing. Our ability to change isn’t quite as spectacular.”


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My unsettling life

25 Aug

I believe life is made up of pictures pertaining to memories of experiences gone by. If I were to look at my own pictures it would be easy for me to spiral down into days and months of negativity and that’s simply why I choose not to look back. My present circumstances,  is also a reflection and mirrors my past of how I got to this place. Of course I understand …

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Letting go of the guilt

24 Aug

Unfortunately at the end of any traumatic experience we’re often left with unwanted feelings, feelings of guilt of the way things turn out.

If you’ve been instrumental in trying to help someone who has been through trauma, it’s easy to feel guilty that you should have been able to bring closure on the final outcome, so that everyone was happy. Through my own spiritual beliefs, I know that the outcome we’re left no …

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A Jon Kabat-Zinn quote

23 Aug

Something inspirational:

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf.”


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Dealing with depression

22 Aug

I was shocked when I heard about Robin Williams’ death. I am sure we all were, but his case has shown me a very different side to depression.

I’ve talked about depression in one or two of my other blogs here on the site, but there is really another side to it that I haven’t spoken about that perhaps I should. Depression is a subject no one …

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