Angry people hurt people

Angry people hurt people and hurt people also hurt other people. It takes strength and courage from us to take a step back and remind ourselves that being angry, or hurt because we hurt doesn’t mean we have to hurt others.

Whether we’re on the receiving end, or we’re handing out the hurt, all our reactions stem from past experiences that lead us to certain assumptions we believe are true. We must also remind ourselves …

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24 Nov, 2017

Closure on particular issues

It is truly a revelation when we can see and understand how and why we get to a particular place; where we can see and understand exactly what’s happened and we know there’s nothing we could have done about it.

It also makes it a revelation because it’s not something you thought you would ever understand but you do and that’s cathartic, although sometimes a hard pill to swallow. I think it makes it easier …

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23 Nov, 2017

Unlocking our thinking

Words can unlock our thinking but we either spend a life disengaging, or engaging, reacting inappropriately, get that wrong, then disengage again.

Unproductive actions that lead us to nowhere, instead of using our time productively to unlock our thinking, engage our thoughts, create conversations that allow us to think about present or …

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21 Nov, 2017

Silencing our inner critic

Having positive role models when we’re children is the key to an unwanted inner critic, but in times of continual stress and negativity, sadly it’s easy to see why we have it.

The first step of us being able to handle our inner critic is to become aware of our inner voice and how it operates. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always had difficulty in moving away …

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20 Nov, 2017

More neuro symptoms

Because my parents didn’t think to ask questions about my neurological symptoms, I am still having to piece those symptoms together through the various medical notes. It’s a disorder that affects my emotions, self-control, memory and my ability to learn.

Sadly, certain triggers I have mentally, have affected developmental factors over the years, which has a bearing on the way I think and the thinking process. And although I haven’t had the official testing …

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19 Nov, 2017

Pesticides & food

None of us would choose to eat dangerous pesticides with our fruit and vegetables every day and yet that is what we do.

Sadly, much of the produce we eat, which is grown around the world is treated with chemicals, primarily to kill off bugs and disease and to maximise crop yields. Some of that is left behind as residue in our fruit and vegetables and why we are advised to wash food thoroughly before eating.

Of course, there are certain fruits and vegetables that contain more residue than others. Often the thickness of the skin protecting the …

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17 Nov, 2017

Questions & clarification

Asking questions for us to understand, gives us clarity. It is the simplest way of learning and its effective too. It’s also the best way for us to gain deeper insights. Questions inform, inspire, they encourage discussion, as well as give rise to healthy debate amongst friends and family.

Even though I didn’t know what was wrong with me, innately I knew that without asking questions, I’d be locked away in my own little world. But emotionally locking ourselves away permanently …

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16 Nov, 2017

A processing deficit

I have always been happy for others to make their own decisions, but it’s the effect of their decisions that can sometimes interfere with my Sensory Processing.

Because the sensory information is not processed properly or sent to the appropriate part of my brain, causing a neurological traffic jam, others’ decisions can leave me panicked and dealing with anxiety.

Sadly, certain parts of the brain do not receive the correct information it needs, which makes the information I receive difficult to process and act upon in the correct way. Oddly, …

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15 Nov, 2017