A special needs child

Having empathy helps us understand how a child with special needs works, but me having special needs was never something I equated in myself, because that part of my life was never afforded to me.

And although any parent dealing with a child who has special needs finds dealing with their child taxing, there are definite rewards having a special needs child. They show us a different understanding …

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9 Dec, 2017

Overlooked versus ignorance

My childhood thoughts on how things happened are never far away. Although any disability being overlooked would have been bad enough as a child, it felt worse knowing that my disability was emotionally ignored.

There is a difference between something being overlooked and something being ignored, particularly if the something being ignored has emotional repercussions for that …

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7 Dec, 2017

A page from someone’s book

I can see how without actively thinking about our lives, we may end up copying the very people we should actively be seeking to distance ourselves from.

Personally, I’ve never understood those who choose to copy others, particularly when those they’re copying are less than squeaky clean. Perhaps we must look to and give of our best without …

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6 Dec, 2017

Being critical

I’ve heard it said, ‘don’t criticise what you don’t understand.’ When it comes to other people’s problems it seems easy enough, but in practice it’s not what we do.

Instead we come in from a place of knowing, when in reality we know very little, when it comes to other people and what they deal with. We fall into a pattern where we have an opinion, …

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5 Dec, 2017

My Autism symptoms

I’ve had a lot on my mind recently since looking through my medical notes again and discovering my father ignored my problems through our many consultants’ visits. There was never a problem.

It’s vital for any Specialist to be informed about the child they’re treating, when they ask about the difficulties that child experiences. Had the Specialist been informed, he will have come to understand that …

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3 Dec, 2017