Nutrition & mental health

4 May 2016

Unfortunately the role of Nutrition isn’t always recognised when it comes to mental health; but it is possible that a more balanced mood can be achieved by ensuring our diet provides adequate amounts of essential fats, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It is estimated that nearly two thirds of people who don’t report mental health problems manage to eat fresh fruit or drink fruit juice every day, compared with less than half of those who report …

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When the ego talks

3 May 2016

We will always get it wrong, because the ego can never know what we ourselves know; when we allow our ego to make decisions on the important things we ourselves need to make decisions on. We need to understand the facts the way they really happen, rather than choose to perceive the facts wrongly through different means.

When we let our ego get in the way of the facts, we can never bring about the right understanding or resolve, because the ego won’t let us. There will always be a mental block through the ego where …

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The simplest things

2 May 2016

Something inspirational:

“The simplest things are often the truest.”


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A soulful connection

1 May 2016

I wanted to explain how the soul works, because although the soul is supposed to work in harmony with the universe, we tend to work separately from the soul.

We have a mind, physical body and soul. Although our lives start in the physical form when we’re born, we’ve already had past lives, some with people we’re continually in contact with in the …

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We think we know

30 Apr 2016

Do we ever really know someone, I mean really know someone? Perhaps it’s the people we think we know best that we really don’t know at all.

There is a difference between knowing someone and simply knowing about them. We never can know someone unless we work from the soul. The soul is the key to how we respond with each other …

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Regaining control

29 Apr 2016

It’s always bad to invest our energy and get hooked on the wrong things that make us lose sight and control. The good part is that to regain control over our personal life isn’t as hard as we think.

Losing control means we’re powerless to regain that control and that usually happens when we leave things too long. We tend to leave things too long because we tell ourselves the problem will correct …

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Education & school

28 Apr 2016

Something inspirational:

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”


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Choosing not to care

27 Apr 2016

It’s important we care, but it’s not always important to care. There is a difference. We spend our lives caring, sometimes too much, but caring only works when that someone cares for us back.

Over a lifetime we come to concern ourselves over people who don’t care about us. We also spend a lifetime trying to fit into people’s lives, trying to conform, just so they will care. It is possible that …

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Becoming self-absorbed

26 Apr 2016

There are many reasons why we become self-absorbed and it’s usually at a time when we’re stressed and not sure how to deal with things. Only caring about and being interested in ourselves; in our own thoughts and in our own interests.

What changes are how our lives are channeled through nurture and our experiences and it’s those things that often change us. Through our issues we learn a different way. Instead of being …

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Willpower & determination

25 Apr 2016

Willpower is essential if we are to try to achieve, overcome and succeed, so why do we fail at the willpower thing? What is it about willpower that has a tendency to stop us in our tracks, just when we need it the most?

Let’s explore and find out exactly what willpower is. Leading research led by Roy Baumeister, Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, believes willpower is like a muscle and like …

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