The universe and its laws

18 Apr

I’ve already done a very short blog on the universal laws, but wanted to elaborate further.

When we do something that goes against the universe that something will never work for us; but when we apply the universe and its laws, we will always bring good intentions and things into our lives. The universe acts as a tool for right and wrong …

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A John Lennon quote

17 Apr

Something inspirational:

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”


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Two ways of living

16 Apr

As children we look for acceptance. As we begin to build on our relationships, we spend our lives trying to convince those people we’re worthy contenders, instead of us learning to be who we are and as a consequence we never know who we are.

We spend our lives worrying that if we’re not accepted, that we’re somehow not worthy. We put pressure on ourselves just so that we will fit in. We spend a lifetime living up to other people’s …

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IBS, stress & the brain

15 Apr

We’ve always known there is a link between IBS and stress. That’s nothing new, but now there is more evidence out there to suggest how stress and IBS are linked.

Experts believe that IBS occurs when the delicate relationship between the nerves, hormones and electrical activity that link the bowel and the brain, is disrupted. Because of the connections …

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A difficult day

14 Apr

It wasn’t the best of days’ yesterday as I’d been dealing with IBS for most of the day brought about by stress the day before. I have to say I’ve had such a miserable day. I think I’ll rewind back to the previous day when I was feeling well and my outlook was a lot more positive …

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Choose success

13 Apr

Something inspirational:

“Achieving success is a challenge but so is struggling so you may as well choose success. ”


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Perceptions of time

12 Apr

It’s probably a good thing that we don’t consciously think about time all the time.

If we thought about time and all the things that could happen within time, we’d spend our lives worrying over every little thing. If we knew as children that time would go quickly, we would worry that we’d …

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Disability and families

11 Apr

As a child growing up with a mild disability meant my disability would become part of my family’s life too. Trying to manage any disability around family is always be difficult.

In my case, I didn’t see or understand what my disability meant, let alone how it would affect my family; but looking back years later and a comment that was made by one of my siblings, reinforced these …

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Being good in life

10 Apr

Something inspirational:

“Don’t expect a good life, just expect to be good in life.”


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Life and its plans

9 Apr

It’s a fact of life that things don’t always turn out the way we plan. How many times have you made arrangements only to find you have to re-arrange or cancel your arrangements because something’s cropped up?

Something always seems to happen. I never take for granted that if I plan something it will happen because life and the plans I make will always be open to change.  Some things are meant to happen …

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