Taking it out on others

5 Feb 2016

We undermine, we belittle and bring other people down, because we struggle ourselves.

It’s far easier to bring someone else down, than it is to bring ourselves up. Whether we’re dealing with an issue, struggling with our past and aren’t happy in our present, there can be no excuse …

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A Deep Trivedi quote

4 Feb 2016

Something inspirational:

“There is no other enemy of a human being except his own nature.”

DEEP TRIVEDI, The Pulse of Wisdom

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How we really feel

3 Feb 2016

How we feel about ourselves is a mirror image of how we feel about other people.

We’re conditioned from an early age to think and behave a certain way. We’re also conditioned to feel a certain way and therefore don’t stop to question anything. I believe we must come to …

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Dairy & Parkinson’s disease

2 Feb 2016

A new study has found a link between contaminants found in milk and the risk of developing the brain disorder Parkinson’s disease.

While previous studies have found a correlation between dairy products and a higher risk of developing Parkinson disease, there was little evidence to detail how dairy products like milk and …

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1 Feb 2016

Something inspirational:

“Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant.”


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Turning our backs

31 Jan 2016

The hard part for any of us, is knowing when it’s time to turn our backs on someone or something. There are two trains of thought here.

Understanding what we’re turning our backs on and why perhaps it’s time to give it up.  If it’s someone or something that we’re struggling with and have been for some time and it’s making us …

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Non-recognised milestones

30 Jan 2016

I have come to realise that not only did I miss out on my milestones growing up, because I was slow to understand the concept of learning, but because I didn’t recognise any of them, particularly the milestones associated with adolescence, maturity and the emotions one associates with milestones.

The bad part is that the part of my brain that is damaged, is the part that controls the emotions, everything from what I feel to what I think, to my understanding of what I feel …

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A Mark Twain quote

29 Jan 2016

Something inspirational:

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”


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A common sense approach

28 Jan 2016

A common sense approach to what we have to deal with makes common sense!

So what is a common sense approach? It’s the approach we take, it’s the standing back; it’s the voice in our head that tells us to listen. By listening to our thoughts, we do what makes common sense …

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Denial & the truth

27 Jan 2016

Food for thought: Being in denial will never hide the truth, nor does being in denial mean that what we’re in denial about will never happen. Being in denial means we live behind a façade, in a made up world where we’re in denial on the things we consciously choose to ignore …

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