Make lemonade

8 Oct 2015

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We can have lemons or we can make lemonade. We can encourage optimism and a can do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune, or do nothing.

We must learn to apply the brakes. Slow down and take an emotional step back, so that we’re looking at the bigger picture of what we have to deal with. Slowly work through each part of the puzzle …

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Closing doors

7 Oct 2015

Unconsciously we close the door because of our inability to see our worth. We close the door because of our negative thinking; we close the door because we think that what’s beyond the door is too difficult; so we let someone else deal with it.

We continue to close the door because we feel others are better placed to open the door we’ve chosen to close. We close the door because we have no confidence to open it. We close the …

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A quote by Charles Darwin

6 Oct 2015

Something inspirational:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

CHARLES DARWIN, The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin

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Arthritis & yoga

5 Oct 2015

Over the years, modern science has come to understand the benefits of the ancient practice of yoga.

A recent study, which was carried out by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that yoga helps improve the symptoms of arthritis. The trial consisted of 75 patients, who suffered from …

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My health thoughts

4 Oct 2015

Living every day with a condition we’re born into, where there is no cure is like living with a cloud over our heads.

Because I have and deal with Cerebral Palsy there is and will always be less certainty over my health. There is not enough information out there on organ health and Cerebral Palsy, which I know …

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A Sarah Dessen quote

3 Oct 2015

Something inspirational:

“Don’t think or judge, just listen.”


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Eating smaller meals

2 Oct 2015

Those of us who eat smaller multiple meals every day eat better and weigh less than their counterparts who eat fewer but larger meals.

People who will eat fewer meals during the day tend to eat their main meal at night with a glass of alcohol, both of which can contribute to a higher body mass index BMI, (which is the relationship  …

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Our whole selves

1 Oct 2015

If we break a leg, we have a broken leg but even then how does a broken leg constitute us being broken? We’re broken, well not in the true sense of the word. I am not sure I agree with the analogy of some that we ‘are broken.’

Even with Cerebral Palsy I see myself as whole, because I choose to see myself as normal. I’m not half of something because I deal with a disability. I see myself as the same person as if …

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A quote by James Joyce

30 Sep 2015

Something inspirational:

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”


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Our internal workings

29 Sep 2015

Unless we deal with our emotional cognitive framework, which comprises our emotional understanding of the world, other people and ourselves, what we try to achieve outwardly will never really work.

We can never expect to make headway, make important decisions without dealing with our emotions first. It is our emotions that govern our behaviour; how we communicate; what we think …

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