My late diagnosis

23 Mar 2017

Although I was late getting my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, I have still had to work through all of my many neurological symptoms, what they mean and how they have manifested themselves in me.

Even if I had have had my diagnosis as a child, the specialists wouldn’t have understood the neurological connotations, how my diagnosis would play out in comparison to someone else with the …

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22 Mar 2017

There are different reasons we run. I wanted to elaborate further on my previous blog on, ‘Running away.’ The very reason we run from ourselves is exactly the reason we should run towards ourselves.

We isolate ourselves, we emotionally hide, we lose the connection between what’s happening in the world and our realities. We run from issues, from others and we continue to emotionally run …

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A Dirk Wittenborn quote

21 Mar 2017

Something inspirational:

“We are the sum of all people we have ever met; you change the tribe and the tribe changes you.”


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Taking life for granted

20 Mar 2017

We take people for granted, but we don’t stop there. If we were to think more about this, what about our lives, the things we have in our lives that we assume we will always have and yet those too are the things we take for granted?

Not only our lives, but what about our health, our jobs, having a house to live in, food on the table, being able to open our eyes to a new day. These are the very things we don’t stop to think about …

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Holding on to things

19 Mar 2017

We tend to hold on to the things we desperately want to happen, even though we know deep down those things will never happen.

As a child, I used to do the same thing. Going through therapy I would ask the same questions back, but that was met with the same answers; there was no answer. We hold on in the hope …

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Being open & transparent

18 Mar 2017

It stands to reason that relationships work better when they’re based on openness and transparency. It means we’re more likely to talk about the things that matter to the person or people we share out lives with, without hiding or leaving anything out.

Not only does being open mean we’re open to new ideas and new thoughts, it also means we’re open to finding new ways to work, open to new people, open through communication, open and …

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A quote by Drake

17 Mar 2017

Something inspirational:

“I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.”


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Others’ conformity

16 Mar 2017

I am more emotionally disabled than I am physically because it’s my Cerebral Cortex that is extensively damaged. Any mental neurological disorder will adversely affect normal communication and understanding.

I have to continue to adjust both physically and emotionally in my life; there’s no way of getting away from that. With brain damage I have no choice, but what I deal with also makes it difficult …

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Good mental health

15 Mar 2017

Mental health includes our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. It is about how we feel and think as we go about our daily lives.

Mental health determines the choices we make, how we handle stress and how we relate to others. Having good mental health is brought about through self-esteem and confidence and a sense …

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Sentiments behind the words

14 Mar 2017

I think we’d all get on better, if we took the time to look at and understand the sentiments behind people’s words.

We spend our lives listening to people’s words, but never look behind their meaning or sentiments, why people say what they say, or what their words mean. It’s also important we understand …

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