CP Diary upgrade

27 May 2017

I’m in the process of looking into a makeover for my site. It will look sharper and more defined and as previously mentioned will be accessible on mobile phones and tablets and user friendly for the partially sighted.

I would like to ask whether you think there is anything missing from my site or if you can think of anything that would make your time on my site more enjoyable or make reading of my blogs easier …

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Closure through dreams

26 May 2017

Dreams bring to life unresolved issues, thoughts and feelings that we struggle to deal with through our conscious thoughts.

And even if we’re not seeing those as struggles, our unconscious won’t let those thoughts or feelings go until we recognise and deal with them. Dreams can allow us to let go of the guilt, regrets, dreams can …

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Cerebral Palsy progression

25 May 2017

There are things I’m going to have to deal with. I know that my Cerebral Palsy has become more progressive. I’ve heard the same thing said by others who deal with the same condition.

Where my left side was always fundamentally weaker than my right side, I feel as though I am now more affected by my Cerebral Palsy and although that doesn’t please me, I choose to continue to take it …

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A Jalal ad-Din Rumi quote

24 May 2017

Something inspirational:

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

JALAL-ad-Din RUMI, Persian Poet, Mystic

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Not enough listening

23 May 2017

Not enough listening and too much talking. Our job isn’t so much to give our opinion, but to listen instead, or better still, allow the other person to ask for an opinion, without us thinking it’s our right to give one, let alone stand in judgment.

Perhaps that’s where we’re going wrong. We assume we have a right, rather than think about what’s right or what the other person wants. To assume is to limit the mind. To assume is to accept …

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Ginger parkin with rhubarb

22 May 2017

Ginger Parkin with rhubarb

“Recipe adapted from bbc.co.uk/food/recipes


For the Parkin

150g/5½oz soft light brown sugar …

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Signs of our loved ones

21 May 2017

Whether you believe in spirit guides or not, our spirit guides deliver little signs that our loved ones are trying to communicate with us, that they’re still around us. When something good happens or we’re struggling and just need help, our spirit guides deliver signals that remind us that our loved ones aren’t far away. That never diminishes.

Something I’d been working on with my site came good. Whilst taking a trip out to Boston Spa that same day, little messages began to show me that my parents weren’t far  away. The car driving …

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A Darby Bannard quote

20 May 2017

Something inspirational:

“Always let intuitive perception precede analysis.”


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When souls connect

19 May 2017

The soul is what we have in common and yet we spend a lifetime in relationships thinking we have nothing in common with the people we share our lives with, but perhaps that’s not altogether true. If we’re with the right person, our souls will connect.

We tend to think relationships won’t work because we have nothing in common with the other person, but relationships aren’t always about us having to have things in common. Relationships and …

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Admitting our guilt

18 May 2017

There would be no need for us to feel guilty, unless of course we’ve got something to feel guilty about and if we’ve got something to feel guilty about, then perhaps we should deal with it.

For those of us who carry guilt or choose to live in denial over that guilt, perhaps it’s time for us to do some soul searching and deal with our guilt. Perhaps we think that not being in a good head …

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