Exercise & food

23 May 2016

Whether you’re exercising for fun, exercising to keep fit, or you’re an athlete; what you eat could make your next work out better. Food plays a part in our exercise routine.

Generally speaking, eating right helps us feel more energized, but when it comes to exercise the food we eat can contribute to a successful workout. So which foods should we avoid, which are …

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Handling ourselves

22 May 2016

I believe that not handling ourselves emotionally will lead to a lot more stress than we ever bargained for.

In my formative years, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t deal with my emotions. Being angry meant my emotions were dealt with, although slightly misplaced, but had the emotional support have …

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A quote by Sarah Dessen

21 May 2016

Something inspirational:

“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.”


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Informed opinions

20 May 2016

Because we spend the majority of our lives either forming opinions, or listening to other people’s opinions, it’s important we’re informed about the opinions we go on to form.

It’s not that anyone goes out of their way to get opinions wrong of course, but without opinions being backed by facts that are supported by logic, our opinions and how we deliver those opinions …

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Brain injury & relationships

19 May 2016

I’ve just been watching a documentary made and narrated by Louis Theroux on ‘Brain injuries’ and felt I wanted to write about it, because brain injury not only affects me, but affects others too.

The hard part for anyone dealing with brain damage is the bad press they get, just trying to live their lives in their own kind of normal. With something like Cerebral Palsy, there are neurological …

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Ego versus intuition

18 May 2016

The ego and intuition are at two ends of the spectrum and are complete opposites, like chalk and cheese. The ego is defined as a person’s sense of self-importance or self-esteem. Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reckoning.

There is a problem with the former and we should learn to embrace the latter. The ego is something that if left, may grow into something bigger that will overtake our conscious thinking as the …

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6 Today

17 May 2016

The CP Diary is 6 today

6 today

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The CP Diary is 6

16 May 2016

Tomorrow it will be 6 years to the day that I started writing and running The CP Diary, never having missed a day in 6 years.

Not only is The CP Diary a massive accomplishment for me, it is my daily inspirational tool that not only helps me live my life better, but also allows other people to tap into that magic too, so they too can lead better lives through a better understanding of my blogs and how they can work to change their own lives.

There is no set rule to what goes into my blogs and when; it’s whatever I’m feeling at the time, but …

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Self-inflicting limitations

15 May 2016

The way we see and interpret our life through culture and society means we’ve set our own limitations and that’s what we continue to do.

Unfortunately the environment, what is expected of us, how we’re expected to live can make us somewhat narrow-minded …

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Perceptions & disability

14 May 2016

Living with a disability means we’re either seen as heroic because we manage our disability or that any effort we make is great, because we’re learning to deal with it.

We’re not really seen as normal but given the fact that having a disability still means we get to live in the same world as everyone else, albeit with a different set of issues to deal with, should still be …

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