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The core theme to my Daily Blogs is life, life in general, my experiences and how I can make certain aspects of my life better. All of my blogs are based on my views, experiences and my perceptions on how I see my life in a less than perfect world.

My Daily Blogs help me understand my experiences and my life, whilst helping me help others come to terms with their issues and what they have to deal with in their own lives.

My late diagnosis

23 Mar

Although I was late getting my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, I have still had to work through all of my many neurological symptoms, what they mean and how they have manifested themselves in me.

Even if I had have had my diagnosis as a child, the specialists wouldn’t have understood the neurological connotations, how my diagnosis would play out in comparison to someone else with the …

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Holding on to things

19 Mar

We tend to hold on to the things we desperately want to happen, even though we know deep down those things will never happen.

As a child, I used to do the same thing. Going through therapy I would ask the same questions back, but that was met with the same answers; there was no answer. We hold on in the hope …

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Others’ conformity

16 Mar

I am more emotionally disabled than I am physically because it’s my Cerebral Cortex that is extensively damaged. Any mental neurological disorder will adversely affect normal communication and understanding.

I have to continue to adjust both physically and emotionally in my life; there’s no way of getting away from that. With brain damage I have no choice, but what I deal with also makes it difficult …

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Rationale, an understanding

11 Mar

Given that everything was done for me as a child and I didn’t have to rationale anything, I wouldn’t know that I struggled with not being able to rationale. In my childhood, I continually struggled with bad thoughts and had no idea why I could never let those go.

Looking back, I can see and understand that my problems with not being able to rationale made getting rid of any bad thoughts impossible to shift. It wasn’t that I didn’t struggle with symptoms …

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A reflection on my blogs

8 Mar

Looking through and going back to read some of my earlier blogs, I didn’t realise how damaged my emotions were at the time I started The CP Diary.

When I look back on those blogs, there seems to be a theme running through them. They highlight real issues around the neglect I sustained over the years, which I was never aware I was …

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An other’s story to be told

4 Mar

Are we ever happy for another’s story to be told? I’m under no illusion that ‘My Story’ may never have been told.

Throughout my life my story was out of reach, impossible. I felt as though I had been let down. I felt demoralised, unhappy, angry and out of touch with myself. All the things you feel when something …

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A peaceful & proactive place

28 Feb

Given the rhetoric that’s going in the world, I turn to The CP Diary. In a world that is fast changing, it would be easy to feel demoralised, alone, anxious and easily stressed.

I know that reading my blog, allows me to continue to put my personal life into perspective, so that I can live my life without being emotionally distracted in a world where that isn’t always possible …

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Being invisible

24 Feb

Although I grew up in an era when children were seen and not heard, those times made it easier for me to become invisible.

Being invisible usually happens because of an undercurrent, a disparity between how we feel and how something is. Emotionally it’s easy to feel distant and feeling invisible is an example …

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What we see & what we get

20 Feb

In a world that has become more divisive we should be unique, open and honest what we see isn’t always what we get. We also must speak our truth, but do it in a way that others will listen, but not be dictated to.

What you see with me is what you get. I’m not one way in my blogs and another way in my personal life, but as we go about our daily lives we expect others to behave in the same way we do and …

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Our stories

17 Feb

I feel fortunate to have created a platform, where I can use my experiences to talk about my story and that of my experiences. Our stories are our stories, the way we see our lives and that of our experiences.

Unfortunately, as it can sometimes go, other people’s recollections of our story may not agree with ours, but that shouldn’t matter because our story is our story. If someone else were to tell their version …

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