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Health and Wellbeing

The core theme to my Health and Wellbeing blog, is emotional and physical health.

This category contains advice and support on a wide range of health related topics including tips for emotional and spiritual growth, staying confident, strong and positive and how best to avoid stress and sickness.


22 Mar

There are different reasons we run. I wanted to elaborate further on my previous blog on, ‘Running away.’ The very reason we run from ourselves is exactly the reason we should run towards ourselves.

We isolate ourselves, we emotionally hide, we lose the connection between what’s happening in the world and our realities. We run from issues, from others and we continue to emotionally run …

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Taking life for granted

20 Mar

We take people for granted, but we don’t stop there. If we were to think more about this, what about our lives, the things we have in our lives that we assume we will always have and yet those too are the things we take for granted?

Not only our lives, but what about our health, our jobs, having a house to live in, food on the table, being able to open our eyes to a new day. These are the very things we don’t stop to think about …

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Being open & transparent

18 Mar

It stands to reason that relationships work better when they’re based on openness and transparency. It means we’re more likely to talk about the things that matter to the person or people we share out lives with, without hiding or leaving anything out.

Not only does being open mean we’re open to new ideas and new thoughts, it also means we’re open to finding new ways to work, open to new people, open through communication, open and …

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Good mental health

15 Mar

Mental health includes our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. It is about how we feel and think as we go about our daily lives.

Mental health determines the choices we make, how we handle stress and how we relate to others. Having good mental health is brought about through self-esteem and confidence and a sense …

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Sentiments behind the words

14 Mar

I think we’d all get on better, if we took the time to look at and understand the sentiments behind people’s words.

We spend our lives listening to people’s words, but never look behind their meaning or sentiments, why people say what they say, or what their words mean. It’s also important we understand …

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The wrong impression

12 Mar

We spend a lifetime giving people the wrong impression. For some, it’s not always intentioned for us to give the wrong impression, but for others they simply don’t care. They’re often tied into their own unconscious thinking and don’t stop to think about the impression they leave on other people.

We become aware from a small age, what our parents think about the wrong impression, we’re taught what’s right. We learn about impressions and told they count. The way we act and present …

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Our journey

10 Mar

Our journey is for us to make and must never be compared to that of someone else. Our journey may take time, for others it may happen almost immediately.What matters is that we finish, not where we start or where we’ve come from. As one door closes …

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A resistant childhood

6 Mar

We spend our childhoods being told what to do, with parents making sure we do as we’re told. It’s possibly the worst form of parenting not to mention a control issue, but it also means we don’t grow up with an opinion of our own. Something we may come to oppose and resist to the point of discord.

We’re born into cultures that expect us to conform without being encouraged to think for ourselves. I struggled to take orders as a child. I hated being told what to do, without being encouraged …

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Others’ responsibility

2 Mar

We’re not off the hook because we choose to live in denial, or avoid responsibility for our actions towards others.

But by us choosing to right a wrong says something about us and does more for us than choosing to blank out our experiences as if those experiences didn’t happen, or they don’t exist. The truth …

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Conditional love

26 Feb

We love, we say we love and yet the love we seem to give becomes conditional. We don’t do something for nothing, we do something to have something back in return. And yet the love we have for our pets is completely unconditional and is reciprocated ten-fold.

We know what unconditional love is, we’re all capable of it, but in time that love becomes conditional. Having had too many conditions imposed on me throughout my adult life, I have …

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