Emotions & decisions

Because emotions dictate some of the decisions we make, it’s important we don’t rush into or make permanent decisions we can’t change, unless we’re totally happy with the decision. For us to do that successfully, we must be aware of how we feel in the moment.

Our emotions interpret, appraise and justify our experiences through out gut, which trigger feelings that we may become aware of, which we then get to respond on. Sadly, the thoughts that are …

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20 Sep, 2017

Overcoming mental blocks

We all have mental blocks, where we’re stuck and have no control over our thinking. It’s literally like we’ve forgotten our thought process. Sadly, my disability lends itself to mental blocks all the time, particularly when I’m trying to communicate and I can’t form or find my words, or think properly.

Whether we’re trying to solve an issue or look at ways to change an outcome, our creative thinking will always be crucial to that process, but to first begin the process, we must change our …

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17 Sep, 2017

The right thing to do

If we’re given information that could go on to change a person’s life, we must put that person’s needs first before our own, even if meant our own scenario were to change. That is what the universe would expect us to do.

And even though it may bring uncertainty, perhaps there’s a different thought process that we must consider. The universe would always expect us to respond on the information we’re given …

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14 Sep, 2017

Morality & education

Morality through education would be fine if it happened, but sadly we don’t learn about morals in school. But even if we were to learn morality in the classroom, it’s a parent’s job to teach us what’s right and wrong. The more moral we are, the more we will do right by family, in society and by each other too.

Teaching morals is not only a parental concern and responsibility, but should be a common responsibility too. Since children spend so much time in school, it’s important that schools …

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10 Sep, 2017

How we see abuse

Sadly, on an unconscious level, those of us who have been abused may not always equate that others too may perhaps have also been abused, or if they are aware, they may refuse to acknowledge it. Perhaps acknowledging someone else being abused, will impact how we see our own abuse.

Perhaps we’re only seeing what we want to see because it’s easier, that way we don’t have to deal with other people’s abuse only our own. How we feel towards other people who have been …

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9 Sep, 2017

Baking & sugar

Baking is something that we acquire a taste for and it usually starts in childhood. I remember my mum baking and me and my siblings waiting to lick the bowl. But perhaps we could all do more baking, if we cut half the sugared ingredients. Routinely, perhaps we should look to cut down on sweet ingredients, so we’re consuming less sugar.

It is possible for to reduce sugar in baking, by as much as 25 to 33% but to reduce sugar slowly and so that the results are less drastic, we must find what works for us, so that when we’ve finished …

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5 Sep, 2017

Pull and push factors

Push and pull factors not only occur when we’re thinking about changing jobs and what may push and pull us to accept one job over another, but push and pull factors also apply to life, particularly relationships.

It’s not something we stop to think about because relationships are often formed on an unconscious level.  What starts as a fairy tale beginning can sometimes turn into something dramatic and …

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2 Sep, 2017

Society & being different

Why are so many of us who deal with something treated differently? It’s not just Cerebral Palsy of course, but what about Asperger’s, Autism and Dyslexia. It’s any condition that shows us in a different light that makes how we see and understand the world differently that others find difficult to accept.

Perhaps it’s because others don’t have the imagination to know what it’s like being in our shoes, despite what they tell us. They think they know and because they think they know, they don’t take the …

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1 Sep, 2017

Our self-righteousness

I thought it helpful to elaborate further on this. Sadly, the self-righteous will always be blindsided by all that life offers. They will never learn anything about other people or other people’s lives, because they’re too focused on their own. Their life is about them.

Their holier than thou attitude, their moral superiority, taken from a sense that their beliefs and actions are of greater value than those of the average person stops them from learning about life, their …

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28 Aug, 2017