Saying what we feel

It’s because we care that we say what we feel, but it’s usually the act, rather than the deed that gets us into trouble. Although we may get to say what we feel, others won’t always admit they could have handled themselves better.

It’s also a shame that others aren’t always honest with us when it comes to us saying what we feel. When the other person goes on the defensive and makes the issue about us, getting where we want to be will …

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28 Jul, 2017

Questioning our baggage

To discover the root cause of what we’re dealing with; to free ourselves from baggage requires honest introspection. Not knowing what the root causes are, steals our energy and growth from the many positive influences we will then fail to recognise.

As is life, the build-up of what we carry or deal with lies heavily sometimes. Over time the weight of our baggage …

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25 Jul, 2017

Ungrateful & privileged

Sadly, we live in a society and culture that encourages a sense of entitlement from some children, but not all. Even if we raise a grateful child, children may still go through the sense of entitlement, ungrateful stage. Although that doesn’t indicate whether they will stay ungrateful or entitled forever, parents still need to have control over their attitudes.

As a child, I was grateful for the roof over my head, the food on the table. I was grateful for just about everything. I never stopped to question anything. It’s just the way I was. It’s only later on that …

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22 Jul, 2017

Emotional trauma

A child who witnesses or experiences emotional or physical abuse, or struggles through neglect, will often show signs of trauma as an adult. Dealing with any type of abuse means we will be affected, whether we realise we are or not. Emotional trauma escapes no-one.

Children will begin to evaluate what everything means out of the events they witness and in doing so, we create an internal map of how our world looks to us. If a child has the love and support they’re supposed to have, their internal map will look and feel normal, but sadly not all …

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18 Jul, 2017

Our fairy tale lives

Having a positive sense of self can and is to be our own fairy tale ending. But to have that we must choose to look behind our relationships at ourselves and be prepared to work at and incorporate emotional and spiritual growth into the equation. Sadly, relationships can’t and don’t give us the fairy tale ending.

I’ve had to fight to exist in my life, to find things out, to bring reasoning back into the equation. Therefore, perhaps fairy tales don’t exist, or if they do maybe not in the way we think. The concept sounds idyllic, but reality …

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16 Jul, 2017

Our psyche

Because much of our thinking and behaviour is driven by our attitudes, habits, beliefs and assumptions that are so deep in our psyche, we’re not fully aware what those are or that we know about them. But even as a small child, around my environmental issues, I was aware of a greater force at play that was driving my negative thoughts, but I didn’t know what it was.

What is our psyche?

The psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. It represents one of the fundamental concepts for understanding human nature from a scientific point of view. The psyche is the …

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14 Jul, 2017

About anger

Unless anger is dealt with, it eats away at our very core, until of course we choose to deal with it. It can also make us ill. It’s a substitute emotion. Unconsciously, we make ourselves angry so that we don’t have to feel pain.

What is anger?

It’s an emotional response to something that is either being ignored, or to a perceived provocation brought about by someone else. Anger implies all is not well with us, with the world. It’s an …

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9 Jul, 2017

Seeing with new eyes

We spend a lifetime looking at things in the same way, failing to see and learn new things. As the French Novelist Marcel Proust once said, “The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”

I think he had a point. We don’t always have to discover new landscapes to create new discoveries, we simply need to change the way we look at and think about things for us to see through new …

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5 Jul, 2017

Our approach to summer

We’re into summer time again and with annual holidays just around the corner, you’ll want to feel and be at your best.

These are my top tips for staying healthy:

  • Drinking fluids is important in the hot summer months, more so because it’s easy to dehydrate. Not only does water keep the cells hydrated, but water helps maintain healthy muscles;
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2 Jul, 2017