The wounded psyche

I wanted to elaborate further on my ‘Reaching an acceptance’ blog where I referred to the psyche, because the psyche is very much the catalyst for our behaviour traits. I shall explain.

The psyche is split in two. The part that we don’t want to see or feel, is called the ‘Shadow’ and the part that we accept is called the ‘Persona.’ The shadow is the bad or dark side of our …

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24 Mar, 2018

Family feuds & apologies

Family feuds are toxic, usually based on an issue that escalates and gets bigger from very little, or through a history of issues brought about through a parent or sibling. Anything and everything that brings the family to a complete halt.

Sadly, falling out seems to be common within families. But any family feud is complicated to handle and unpleasant and can leave family members feeling sick to the stomach, unless you’re …

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20 Mar, 2018

Prejudice about disability

When you have a disability it’s never far away from you emotionally. It’s not something you get to shake off easily either.

But for others living with us, embarrassment would be a good adjective to use and is potentially the reason why there is still a stigma around disability. In the 1960’s when I grew up, disability wasn’t …

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17 Mar, 2018

Historic family issues

Historic family issues are what keeps families separate. It doesn’t matter the upbringing or the issues unless those circumstances are satisfactorily resolved or addressed, families emotionally will never stay together.

Perhaps that’s part of what a dysfunctional family is. A family in which conflict, abuse and misbehaviour on the part of a parent occurs regularly, leading other family members including children …

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14 Mar, 2018

Understanding stress

If we don’t recognise the signs of stress and it’s not usual that we will, those around us will probably be aware and be on the receiving end of our stress.

Although some stress can be good for us, because it keeps us motivated, alert and in some cases can even make us aware of danger signs and how best to avoid them, in abundance stress can make us ill.

Sadly, living with stress without any relief can lead to ‘negative stress reactions.’ Stress is known to disturb the internal balance that can lead to physical symptoms if our stress persists. …

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9 Mar, 2018

Fabricating stories

It’s a shame when people choose to fabricate stories. Even when they’re given the facts, they still choose to see their own version that’s far removed from how things actually happened. Fabricating stories is part of their own reality and how they want to see things, not how those things happened.

Fabricating stories start in childhood. Some children will fabricate stories, so they don’t get into trouble for something they’ve done, or out of embarrassment, usually around their family. If a …

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4 Mar, 2018

Anger & irritability

We bleat things out first without any joined-up thinking, but how many of us really know those are critical undertones and that they’re often brought about through anger and irritability?

But where undertones are one of dishonesty, we should perhaps worry. Perhaps those handing out the dishonest undertones should think about why they’ve chosen that path. Critical undertones …

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28 Feb, 2018

Being our own worst enemy

We dwell and continue to pull ourselves down, comparing ourselves to others we think are perfect, with the reality being they’re no more perfect than we are and we’re by no means perfect. ‘We can be our own worst enemy.’

It’s the self-critical voice that’s defeating before we’re off the starting block, or perhaps it’s the self-loathing, but perhaps not to that degree. I’ve been there. But if anxiety or depression are …

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24 Feb, 2018

Understanding our parents

It’s only when we start to raise our children that we begin to have a newfound respect and compassion for our parents, unless you were subjected to a different form of parenting that made you indifferent to your experiences, growing up.

We tend to gain a perspective of our childhood with our parents and siblings, but even with a perspective it’s not easy to change what we see. If through your childhood you had a sense that your …

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20 Feb, 2018

A life without an ego

We know the ego is responsible for leading our reaction or response for other people’s actions directed towards us and us towards others. But understanding and having knowledge of what the ego is and how it leads us to act, allows us to facilitate, communicate and change our actions in more positive and appropriate ways.

To understand the ego and how the ego operates is to understand ourselves better. The ego helps us distinguish what is occurring in our own mind from what is occurring in the external …

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17 Feb, 2018