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I’ve done as much as I can

24 May

In March 2009, I finally got a diagnosis on my childhood problems, by being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

I needed to know about my disability, a starting point on my journey. Shortly after, I went to see a Neurologist who agreed to write to the hospital where I was born, to see if there were any facts or …

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How a CP brain works

19 May

A close friend of mine gave me this thought, which I want to share with you. Imagine how difficult it would be to run backwards, that would be the same for people with Cerebral Palsy trying to move forward. The more we try and concentrate the slower our brains work.

My brain periodically switches off like a light bulb, then I have to rest. It always has done, but only now does it make complete sense. I never understood it back then. On the out-set, apart from the …

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Through Jesse’s Eyes

5 May

My name is Jesse. I was floating around in the cemetery earlier today. I should do that more often. It’s fun to bounce from stone to stone, seeing where some of my friends are buried. I laughed and laughed at the dreadful things that were written on their stones. I am absolutely …

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