A passion for life

Passion means a zest for life. Passion allows us to feel courage, allows us to follow our convictions and gives us a strong sense of self, so we can take those first steps out into the world.

Passion comes from us feeling confident, from knowing ourselves, working on our strengths, weaknesses and values. Passion is what makes us feel good about ourselves, but for us to continue to feel good about ourselves we must work through our past. Whether we see it or not, the past is our link to the future. Evaluating and understanding our past is the key to securing the passion that we feel.

We can be passionate about a cause, something we feel strongly about. We can be passionate about a person, someone we come to admire or love. We can be passionate about food, anything we take an interest in. Parents will usually teach us our values and it is from those values that we draw on our passion and our strengths.

Though our experiences may be different to that of our parents, we may change or add to those values and strengths. We may take on our own values as we mature, but those values should and need to continue to instil passion in us.

Being honest with ourselves allows us to determine what our core values and strengths are. Accepting our feelings, helps us unleash our potential so that we can life to the full. When we have passion, things that we do will come naturally and effortlessly, empower and motivate us.

When we are empowered, our personal strengths and passion are evident for everyone to see. I believe that if others are to believe in us, we must believe in ourselves first. I also believe that when we have passion, our values also become evident to those around us in the good deeds we do, and in the way we handle ourselves.

31 May, 2011

6 thoughts on “A passion for life

  1. Passion is very important. If you have it you can accomplish anything you want and everything in life seems better and easier. Plus you feel more alive and happy.

  2. I think that to accomplish certain things we have to be passionate about those things.

    I have a passion to complete school when I get to start back and know I’ll finish. I also think some of our passions can give us energy for life.

    1. I agree that in order to be able to accomplish things we need to have a passion about them.

      I am sure school will work out for you Lisa, just give yourself time to accomplish all your other things first.

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