An uphill struggle

Life ticks over but can be a struggle sometimes, particularly in a crisis, or in times of trauma. We will all react differently under pressure. Some of us will react better by assessing, tackling and dealing with problems as soon as they arise.

Others may completely fold under the pressure, or need a little longer to deal with their issues, particularly if the issue they’re dealing with, seems to be out of their depth completely, or it seems a little daunting.

It’s easy for mental blocks to form, stopping us from getting past that point of seeing solutions to our problems clearly. Unfortunately, the assault took many forms for many months. Those times were difficult.

Sometimes we just need to stand back so that we can begin to assess the issue objectively. It becomes even more difficult when someone close seems to act well under pressure for us to meet our own challenges. Issues can often seem like an uphill struggle, particularly if we’re dealing with more than one issue at a time.

Today I’m feeling confident about us being able to move on from our trauma. It’s been a two-year uphill struggle with the assault,  but I am confident that we are finally coming through.

2 Jun, 2012

4 thoughts on “An uphill struggle

  1. Some people hide from their trauma. I think the best way to deal with it, is like you have. Be open and get it out.

    Hiding only prolongs the suffering and pain we feel. Being open to others and getting help, helps a lot I think.

    You and your family have been through a huge ordeal and I’m glad it’s starting to resolve some for you. Keep on, keeping on!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with you. I find talking halves my concern or worry.

      I am relieved that we are finally coming through our two year ordeal. We’re slowing reaching a conclusion. I’m looking forward to a new, but different beginning.

      It’s been tough on all of us.

  2. From my experience of dealing with trauma, the air of despondency that usually surrounds trauma clears and is replaced with an air of positivity.

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