Being beautiful inside & out

In my last blog, I talked about inner beauty. Below are some ways on how we can work on being beautiful from the inside out.

  • Be grateful for what you have, rather than what you would like to have and keep your thoughts grounded. Learn to embrace experiences even if those experiences seem to be challenging. If you had no challenges to work through, you wouldn’t be learning lessons;
  • Learn to relax. Sit down and concentrate on every muscle so that you are aware of your body, or if you can, learn to meditate. Meditation teaches us how to focus. Done regularly it can help us change the way we think;
  • Take time for yourself to regroup your thoughts, where no one can disturb you. This is particularly important for people who are looking after small children, because their lives tend to revolve around children and families. It’s easy to forget who we are;
  • Go for a walk. Walking allows us to refocus on nature and ourselves. Walking clears the head and is a good form of exercise too;
  • Don’t judge or be critical of others. We’re too quick to form judgments on first impressions without getting to know the person we’re judging;
  • We need to learn to accept that we do our best, given what we’re taught and although our actions are sometimes seen as being imperfect to others, we do the best that we can. Others need to be okay with that;
  • Stop being malicious, or angry. It doesn’t matter what you deal with, it’s not always someone else’s fault;
  • Affirmations are a good way of re-affirming our inner beauty, such as “I like myself” or I am happy with who I am.” They will go some way to changing the way we think about ourselves. Being happy with who we are will also allow us to focus on others more positively.

Finally, we need to put ourselves in someone’s shoes and then ask ourselves, if the way we’re treating them is the way we would want to be treated by them.

2 Feb, 2011

4 thoughts on “Being beautiful inside & out

  1. I agree with what you have written here.

    It is important from time to time when we get caught up in things, to take a step back and look at what we have been blessed with.

    Often times, people can slip away from what matters and don’t see all of the wonderful things that are set before them.

  2. Good Information. I agree with it all, especially taking ‘me’ time and treating others the way we would want to be treated.

    If we’re having a bad day we shouldn’t take it out on others. It’s not their problem, it will only make us look bad.

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