CP and Dyspraxia

The CP Diary has been a good motivator for me. It has allowed me to understand and equate my life up to this point and hopefully will go beyond that. This week I’ve now come face to face with another reality of which I am okay about, but for which my past struggles now seem to fit perfectly.

As a consequence of brain damage there is a possibility that I may also have a mild form of Dyspraxia. Having done hours of my own research, I have found out that children with Cerebral Palsy have been diagnosed with Dyspraxia and I believe this is what I have been dealing with for all these years.

Dyspraxia is classed as a neurological condition that prevents messages being passed to and from the brain properly and can interfere with sensory perceptions, emotional perceptions and intellect. Cerebral Palsy has never just been about physical struggles.

I have always had problems with concentration and found my formative years in school problematic, with little success in the classroom. I was renowned for starting jobs and never finishing them. My reports we’re less than favourable and although my teachers and parents knew I wasn’t achieving in school, none of them ever questioned why.

My father always used to say I would catch up, but I never did. Where my twin was working hard, I had already given up, which made it difficult, because comparisons would always be drawn. I was considered lazy by some family members, but I know believe Dyspraxia played a part and was very much instrumental in my attitude and my abilities in school.

Looking back those times were enormously difficult for me because there was very little understanding. Little was known about Cerebral Palsy back then, but then again to me it’s never just been about how I deal with things physically.

15 Jan, 2012

6 thoughts on “CP and Dyspraxia

  1. You will make it through this and come out on the positive side of it. You always do. I wish I could be more like you.

    Your positive attitude and strong will gets you through.

  2. Great information for people like me who know very little about this.

    You always rise above any challenges you have in life. This will be no different. You are strong.

    You can do anything you set your mind to.

  3. I’m sure the CP affected you negatively in other ways when you were a child which made things so difficult for you.

    Of course it didn’t help that CP wasn’t really treated back when you were a child and it’s good that you have an idea of what the trouble is now so you’ll be better able to deal with it!

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