Emotional connections

Being told that you’re loved as a child isn’t the same as feeling that you are loved. I believe there needs to be a spiritual connectedness between what we’re told by someone and what we feel. When we’re constantly being told we’re pretty, beautiful, or special, we must feel those things too.

Being born with Cerebral Palsy meant that people would behave differently towards me. That of course had an effect on what I outwardly thought about myself and inwardly how I perceived myself.

It took me many years to make my own connections between being loved and feeling loved, how I felt about myself. The problem is that the more negative elements we encounter in our lives, the more we distance ourselves between what’s said and what we feel, so the gap becomes bigger.

That’s not fine, but it seems fine whilst we’re coping, but it’s not fine when something happens to change all of that. It may be that we will begin to struggle with acceptance because of how we feel about ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how many times someone tells us they love us, there needs to be a spiritual and emotional connection so that we feel we’re loved, or that we feel special. That will allow us to make better connections with ourselves as well as with others.

14 Oct, 2011

8 thoughts on “Emotional connections

  1. Your first sentence is so true. You have to feel as though you’re loved. It is a terrible thing not to feel that, when it is supposed to happen. We find love in different places with those people who support us and make us happy.

    Cherish those people, because when you make a connection to another person like that it is magic. It has rarely happened in my life, but when it does there is no feeling like it.

  2. I agree. Essentially you have to learn to love yourself. Not always easy, but surely that must be the first step to real happiness.

    1. If someone genuinely loves for us, we will learn to embrace and love who we are through their love and guidance.

      I agree with your sentiments that learning to love ourselves may be the first step to connecting with others on a deeper more emotional level and that needs to happen if we are to have the chance of feeling that we’re loved.

  3. I’ve had the real feeling a few times.

    As a child I don’t really ever remember how I felt, but as a teen I thought no one loved me not even my parents because I just didn’t feel it. The first real love I felt was with my first husband and even after our split I felt loved by him and now as he has died I still feel the love he has.

    I feel it with my now husband of 17 years but It’s not expressed as often as I would like, but still I know he loves me.

    I have other connections now with my parents (one deceased) and of course with my daughter.

    1. I’m glad you’ve had the real feelings Lisa; but I can remember going through what you went through as a teenager, crying because I wasn’t sure my mother loved me. It’s important to say that we love someone, it’s not always enough for them to think we do.

      Thanks for posting Lisa.

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