Finding a balance

How many of us start off with good intentions without turning what we do into an obsession?

For example, people with a sweet tooth who may deprive themselves of having one piece of chocolate because they don’t trust themselves not to eat the whole bar, or others who love to exercise and, but they know that if they start they won’t stop; they just end up with withdrawal symptoms and guilt issues, which consciously they don’t even know they have. In their eyes, they just love the idea of keeping fit and exercise.

Obsessions can be applied to any scenario and come in many forms, but I believe there has to be a balance between depriving ourselves and working to excess so we live our life without living in the extreme. Anything in excess is unhealthy as far as our emotional, physical and psychological health are concerned.

For those who daily use the gym, they’re making themselves more vulnerable to problems further down the line. Not only does too much exercise interfere with our muscles not being given time to rest between gym sessions, it can also lead to tendon and muscle damage. Excessive exercise can also lead to Osteoporosis.

It may also weaken the immune system, because what we’re doing is asking the body to work harder; without allowing it to rest between sessions. Too much exercise can become obsessive and in some cases family and friends may become excluded, when the gym becomes more important than they are. I have seen that happen.

I believe that although we don’t always class things as an addiction, those things would almost lend itself to that kind of behaviour. Perhaps this is something we should consciously consider.

There is no reason why we cannot enjoy something without it turning into an obsession. The key is moderation.

14 Jun, 2012

8 thoughts on “Finding a balance

  1. I remember when I was writing my book, or now when I’m working on articles I become obsessive about the work in hand and throw myself into the task at hand. I feel guilty when I don’t work, like I am neglecting my duties.

    Balance is the key. You have to stop and take a breath sometimes to realise how you are acting is unhealthy.

    1. Thanks for posting Stuart. I think you’re right.

      It’s usually only when we manage to slow down or stop that we realise how unhealthy our lives have become, but realistically speaking how many of us will actually do that in our lives?

      I don’t believe we always recognise those character traits in ourselves.

  2. Too much of a good thing can hurt you but not enough is just as bad, like exercise.

    I definitely don’t get enough and pay for it. I need to exercise everyday for many of my health problems and of course I don’t do it.

    I’m usually too tired is my excuse, but I would feel more energy if I could get myself in some sort of routine of exercise of some kind.

    1. I think you’re right Lisa. No exercise is as bad as too much exercise, but in different ways.

      I think that when we’re more settled in our lives and have less stress, we do tend to think more about these things. I am sure at some point the same will happen for you.

      As with everything, we need to strike a balance.

  3. In my life it has been very difficult to find any kind of a balance. Most of the time it has either been total chaos or mind numbing boredom.

    I’m trying to work on finding the difference so that my life will be a lot more tolerable. I’m hoping that things will improve in the future.

  4. I remember when I was younger I became obsessed with exercising and upset my hip flexor. That hurt; so I had to do a lot of stretching and I gave up karate (which was also stressing my knee).

    Everything in moderation, except for jewelery (you can never have too much) LOL!

    1. Nice to have you back on site.

      I agree with you that moderation is the key. Unfortunately as you proven Maria when we do too much exercise, it’s easy to get injured and that sets us back and stops us from exercising in the first place.

      If we took more time to moderate our exercise routine in the first place, we wouldn’t have to take time off to recuperate!

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