Full of hope

As a child, it didn’t matter what I was dealing with, I always lived with hope. Hope was positivity, a faith, an innate belief that I would get through whatever I was dealing with, no matter what.

But having hope is something we need to hold on for it to continue to work. It must be a fundamental part of our lives. Hope gives us access to all areas of our lives. It also gives us a reason to get up in the morning, it gives us a purpose, hope helps us reach our full potential.

The fact is that we all have choices in our life, so choosing hope is a choice. We can choose to have hope or we can choose to ignore it. If we choose to have hope, we believe that our life will come good. That whatever the outcome, we will use hope to move on.

One way to increase ‘hope’ is to be more mindful about what we deal with. I believe hope can spill into other areas of our lives too. Having hope helps us focus on what’s going on. Hope gives us a quiet confidence that somehow our lives will work out.

It helps us bounce back from setbacks and challenges more quickly. Hope also helps us to continue to move forward when the setbacks have moved in. Hope allows us to believe in ourselves and in our ability to succeed, where we would have otherwise given up.

Hope channels positivity without us reverting back to all that is negative and is often that little voice inside our heads that’s telling us not to give up.

6 Jun, 2012

8 thoughts on “Full of hope

  1. I liked this blog.

    For me, hope can come from external and internal sources. A song, a friend, a lover, they can all give you hope but their effect is limited if you do not have hope within yourself.

    External hope is like a band with no singer. The band could be very good but its success will be limited. By adding a singer to the band or in more literal terms internal hope, then the band is more rounded and cohesive which will ‘hopefully’ lead to more success!

    1. Thanks for posting Stuart. I agree with you that hope can come in from other sources such as music, a friend or a lover, but primarily I still believe that it has to come from within us first.

      When we don’t have hope, we will fail to see other opportunities from those who are trying to spread hope.

  2. I believe I’ve always had hope and positivity. That’s what has kept me going for years, when people ask how I keep going.

    There is always tomorrow, is a way I see things and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without hope.

    1. It must be very difficult for anyone to work through life without hope or positivity. I’m pleased you have both.

  3. Hope is something I’ve always had a very hard time with, considering I grew up in a world without a lot of it. I’ve always felt like there was a reason to have more hope, but was never able to keep it for long.

    I’m hoping that the future will be much brighter so that I can enjoy it a lot more.

    1. I can’t help but think the beliefs you spoke about in one of your responses is why you always felt there was a reason to have more hope, even though you grew up without a lot of it.

      You held on to something that gave you hope when you didn’t have hope. I can resonate. My beliefs are what gives me hope. I believe your beliefs will too Randy.

  4. I can’t recall any time that I’ve lived with hope. I’ve just lived and got on with what I’ve needed to get on with.

    I can understand the need to be positive generally but when I look back I think my fear of disappointment has been more prominent in my life recently.

    1. I understand your frustrations. Hope is sometimes there, sometimes it’s not depending on the challenges we face. The more challenges we face the less hope we have that we’ll succeed.

      Hope helps with my resolve and helps me find ways to move forward; but like you it’s not always there all of the time.

      I have to push myself sometimes depending on what I’m dealing with. The last two years have been enormously difficult in that respect. Feel better soon.

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