Help with emotional ruts

I try to perceive my life and situations in a way that helps me take control, which isn’t always easy. Sadly, life can sometimes leave us in a rut.

Below are practical ways that I use to get myself out of an emotional rut.

  • Tell yourself the feeling will pass. If you see it as a temporary phase, your thoughts will recognise it as temporary;
  • Socialising is a good tool for breaking the habit of exclusion when you’re in a rut;
  • Exercise is known to release a ‘feel good factor’ hormone and while exercise can be a challenge, it is generally beneficial. Exercises such as jogging, swimming or walking are all good choices;
  • Try changing your routine. Even one small change can help you clamber out of an emotional rut;
  • Being proactive helps us change our mind-set even for a short while;

There are no right or wrong ways of doing it, it’s whatever works for you. Once you have control you can put your own stamp on what you do and when you do it.

3 Oct, 2011

6 thoughts on “Help with emotional ruts

  1. I used to go out if I was in a rut and that really helped a lot.

    Getting out and socializing, being around others and forgetting what was going on in life for a little while was like an emotional vacation.

    1. A great way to get out of an emotional rut Lisa. I’m glad you managed to make the effort and it worked for you. It shows it works.

  2. Growing up I struggled emotionally, not with just my physical limits; but my learning and intellectual limits.

    Finding out about the muscular dystrophy and doing research about it, means that everything makes sense now why things were the way they were.

    It’s a huge relief for me to FINALLY get that diagnosis I’ve needed for so long and now I can do what I need to stay healthy and live a long life.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes I completely agree with you. When we know we have and deal with something in a way we become empowered and better placed to do something about it.

      Once the initial disbelief and shock wears off, we become more resigned and better equipped to deal with the symptoms.

      I feel the same way as you now. It’s important we keep ourselves as healthy as we can. There isn’t a day go by where my health isn’t a priority, but that’s not altogether bad.

      It certainly puts a different slant on our life.

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