Spirituality & me

I never tire of writing or wanting to learn more about spirituality, particularly if spirituality means making my life easier in some way.

Spirituality over the years has given me the power to choose how I see and create my own realities. It has also shown me that my life reflects what I put out into the world and that what I put out, I will get back.

With others thinking the same way it would be like meeting someone for the first time and realising how much we have in common. As with all things though, everything becomes difficult when we find it difficult to relate, but being spiritual allows us to fit into. It’s in each and every one of us.

When we begin to take an interest in the bigger picture of what ties us to the universe and where our lives fit in, we may want to ask more questions, such as where we came from and what our purpose is.

I also believe that when we begin to show others, such qualities as compassion, tolerance, contentment, forgiveness, love, patience and concern for others we know we’ve become aware of the spiritual concept and all that being spiritual is about. Of course, as individuals, being spiritual means different things.

The good news is anyone can subscribe to it. Spirituality takes on a whole new meaning of how we live and how we get the best out of our lives.

26 May, 2012

6 thoughts on “Spirituality & me

  1. It is great that something you love, gives you strength in your own life. Whether that be spirituality or something else.

    Being spiritual obviously makes you (the blogger not the royal you) feel better equipped to deal with life and anything that does is such a positive force.


    1. Thanks Stuart. You’re absolutely right.

      My spirituality and my blogs have been a great outlet to help me cope with both my CP and any problems I face in life.

  2. I really don’t know where to start to respond to your blog. I don’t see myself as spiritual but a christian.

    All that you have mentioned goes along with Christianity; love, patience kindness,compassion, tolorance, forgiveness, etc., I’ve been taught are the fruits of the spirit, so I guess that’s where the spirituality comes in.

    I have questions that I know I’ll find the answer to when I die and go live with God and Jesus for ever. That’s my belief.

    1. The values you have described are ones that I subscribe to as well. A lot of our core values are instilled in us from an early age by our parents, then as we grow those values are backed up by religious teachings.

      It is those values that shape us into the adults we become. I am sure your now beliefs help you in difficult times as mine do. Our beliefs are a very important component of that.

  3. Spirituality is always a good thing, since there does seem to be some force in the universe that keeps everything together.

    I’ve been through a lot in my life and I know I wouldn’t be here unless there were some reason for me to be here.

    I’ve had to really work on my belief since I grew up never really believing in anything. Right now I’m just trying to maintain my belief that things can truly get better in my life if I just believe!

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