Tackling obsessions

It’s important we try to limit stress and anxiety around obsessions, because stress and anxiety will always make any obsessions we have worse.

To tackle obsessions, I believe it’s important we expose ourselves to those obsessions, because exposing ourselves, allows us to challenge any fears and doubts we are feeling around them. We must feel the fear, subject ourselves to the fear, so that we can work through the challenge.

It’s important we learn to change our perceptions on how we deal with things. Think about small steps. It makes what we deal with more manageable and achievable and that way we’re less likely to give up. Facing our demons head-on will always be something we find difficult.

In the beginning, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable, you’ll want to back off, you may even feel a little bit panicky, but that feeling will eventually dissipate the more you stick at it. You must also allow yourself to do it, without backing out. One-step at a time will help you feel less anxious and more in control.

If you choose to write your obsessions down, put the obsessions that cause you less anxiety at the bottom of your list, with the more pressing and challenging ones being at the top. Take the first obsession and begin to practice; working through each fear, until you notice you have considerably less anxiety.

To break the cycle, you must fight any urges that tempt you back into continuing with your obsessions. Try not to give in to temptation. The important part is that you finally get to the point where you’re beginning to deal with your obsessions.

29 Oct, 2011

4 thoughts on “Tackling obsessions

  1. Good post and great suggestions on handling obsessions.

    I have a great fear of spiders, but I’m not going to tackle that just yet. I always scream and get someone else to take care of them. I run!! I think I run from other things too, so suggesting I face my problems is great. I’ve tried it before but ended up nowhere.

    I always end up giving in or backing down. With the obsessions I have I have learned that the world won’t fall apart if everything isn’t perfect.

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