The write & burn letter

Not everyone will have the opportunity to speak to their parents about unresolved childhood issues, which continue to affect them and whilst I would always recommend it, I think it’s important to get your message across in a way that will get you the best results.

Unfortunately, when parents get so many things wrong, children end up with a list that can make them vulnerable to their own shortcomings. If you can’t speak to your parents because you know they’re not approachable, or you know they won’t accept what you want to say, then perhaps write a letter to them that you can burn once you have written it is the way forward.

Before you start the letter, you firstly have to acknowledge your intentions so that the universe understands why you feel the way you do. Say… ‘I now intend and am willing to accept, acknowledge and let go of my emotions and negative beliefs.’

Writing a letter is a good opportunity for you to put the record straight, reduce the amount of baggage you carry by not keeping or holding on to negative thoughts about that person. You must allow yourself the complete freedom to write whatever comes into your mind so that it’s your letter in your own words, with no one telling you what you can write.

The way it works

Because everything and everyone is energetically connected through the universe, when you write your letter you’re not only healing yourself in the process, but your letter will also have an effect on the person you’re writing to.

The point of the exercise isn’t to mouth off or bleat everything out on paper. The point of the exercise is to speak from the heart so that the person you’re writing to understands your sentiments, so they know you’re coming from a place of care.

How to write your letter

Write your letter as if you are telling a story. Put down everything you feel about this person and your relationship with them and why you feel the way you do. Writing your letter in this way will release you from all your negativity. It’s a way of speaking to someone without them being in front of you and allowing you to say everything you feel you need to say, whilst releasing yourself from the emotional ties. You must be open-minded though about how the process works for it to work.

The burning ceremony

As you begin to burn your letter say, ‘I now release, burn and clear all of the negativity in my letter. I bind my letter to the light for the greater good of the universe.’ It may sound wacky, but it does work.

22 Sep, 2014

8 thoughts on “The write & burn letter

  1. I don’t think it sounds wacky at all. It sounds like a great idea and I have heard of this before somewhere.

    I may try this when I get a chance. Instead of burning would shredding it work as well? I don’t trust myelf with fire!

    1. I’ll let you into a secret. I have written one or two letters, one only the other day, but haven’t actually get round to burning it and I feel better.

      Although we’re advised we must burn the letters we write to dispose of those hurtful memories, I believe it’s the act of putting those emotions down on paper in our own words that release us emotionally.

      I am sure shredding your letter will work just fine. Once your thoughts are out there and you’ve shared them with the universe, which we’re all attached to… you will have set out to do what you needed to do.

      Burning a letter we’ve written in this way is part of the ceremonial process as outlined in my blog, but it’s working through the process that’s more important. Burning a letter you’ve written in this way is part of the final process of course, but understanding why we’ve taken these steps and letting go through the process, I think is more important.

      Burning your letter will bring the actual process to a close.

  2. I have heard of this before too.

    In fact I did something similar when my daughter was having a problem at school. My daughter wrote the girl’s name on a piece of paper. We froze it into an ice cube. A day later defrosted it, then I ate it! Worked a treat.

    1. I’ve never heard of anyone literally eating another person’s words before! Although I wouldn’t advocate trying this method myself, it sounds as though the process worked.

      It reaffirms my thoughts that it’s the act of writing something down that empowers the individual to address and release the angst that had been troubling them about a person or circumstance.

  3. We actually did this when I went through one of the steps for AA and it seemed to help get rid of some of the baggage!

    It hadn’t dawned on me to do this for my parents until you mentioned it. There are still a lot of hard feelings left, which would be nice to get rid of so I can stop carrying them around.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it’s not the first thing we think of when we’re dealing with issues. I believe writing & burning a letter works.

      You’ve already tried it Randy. If it were me, I would seriously would want to try it again. Perhaps if you try looking at it another way… you’ve got less to loose and more to gain by trying it, than if you do nothing at all.

      It’s definitely worth another shot Randy.

  4. A few years ago my lovely fella told me to write a letter to my grandma whom had passed away 14yrs before, but I had never got over her death. Every year on her anniversary, I would be an emotional wreck my (mum & I were extremely close to her).

    He asked me to explain how I felt when I heard certain songs that would also make me break down, he then said I was to write a letter to her, telling her how I felt when she passed (she had an aortic aneurysm) and when I got to hospital she was brain dead, (but been kept alive by machines).

    my then fiancé took me home before they switched the machines off and I never got to say good bye before her funeral. I wrote my letter to her, read it out aloud before burning it.

    The next year on her anniversary I was okay, felt a little sad, but no more emotional wreck.

    1. Thanks Michelle and welcome to the site. I believe the write and burn method works.

      Basically what we’re doing is putting our thoughts out to the universe and although circumstances may have moved on in that time, the seed we send out will always get to its destination.

      I very much believe it works. But then again, belief is the key. As with everything we have to believe that what we’re doing will work. I believe it does.

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