Thoughts on being happy

As a child, I never thought about whether I was happy or sad. I knew I existed in my life and that my life was just that ‘my life.‘ I have changed a lot since those early days.

There is no doubt in my mind that we make our own happiness and that being proactive is an important element of that.

The following suggestions may help:

  • Take responsibility for yourself. Quit blaming others and stop making excuses;
  • Quit trying to avoid change because change needs to happen. Without change we can’t grow emotionally or spiritually;
  • Change needs to happen for a reason, just be okay with it;
  • Stop talking yourself down. Be aware of how you talk to yourself;
  • Quit running away from your issues. When you deal with your issues you can move forward with fortitude and confidence;
  • All challenges initiate change and growth;
  • Problems stay problems because our thoughts limit our resolve to deal with those problems, therefore we must deal with out thoughts.

Although my spiritual beliefs bring me inner comfort and peace, I still have circumstances that I need to resolve and being pro-active and positive help with that.

23 Apr, 2012

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on being happy

  1. Great post and some seriously good tips. I am sure we could all benefit from a confidence boost and your suggestions are all good ones.

  2. Great advice Ilana.

    I try to take responsibility for myself and my actions. The problem comes when I try to explain ‘why’ or ‘the reason’ I didn’t do something, I get told that I’m blaming someone or something else.

    I do the ‘Negative self talk,’ but I am trying to stop. Any advice you can give?

    1. Thank you. I can relate. I used to do the ‘Negative self talk’ all the time when I was little. I believe it’s a confidence thing. You and I had very little emotional support growing up and that’s where it comes from.

      The more proactive you are, the more confident you will be, the less ‘Negative self talk’ you will do, the happier you will be. Believe in yourself Bill and you will begin to perceive yourself differently. It’s a state of mind.

  3. I do try to take responsibility for myself and sometimes others like my family members but that doesn’t always work.

    1. Each and everyone of us have to responsibility for ourselves. Of course when our children are little, we do have responsibility for them, but as they grow and become adults that responsibility shifts to them being responsible for themselves.

      We can never be responsible for other family members, they have to be that for themselves. It would never expect to work.

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