Thoughts on relationships

Life can be difficult, relationships can be difficult and how we react in those relationships can also be difficult.

When we react blindly

Problems will always occur in our relationships, because we react blindly, we blame and continue to blame the other person. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the moment of a ‘reaction,’ but all that does is shift the blame towards the other person, instead of dealing with the issue ourselves.

Relationships teach us to communicate. Relationships also teach us about commitment and how to be responsible. Being responsible means responding without the need to react all the time. I say should, because it’s something we don’t always do. We’re also living in the past and not always currently present.

On the other hand, when we respond correctly, we give the best of ourselves. That allows us to bond and build solid foundations for a loving relationship. When we fail to understand the other person’s life and the relationship becomes too difficult, the relationship will begin to flounder.

It is important that our thoughts and feelings are what we feel now, not something that happened years ago that we’re unconsciously struggling with. For all relationships to work, we need to be open and honest.

We all come into our relationships with a little baggage. But for me the key is communication because without communication there is fundamentally no relationship.

9 Jul, 2011

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on relationships

  1. The past has a lot to do with how we react now. It shapes us as human beings.

    It is very difficult to let go of the past sometimes and move on, but it can be done with effort and a willingness to let go; to try and step back and see what we have done in the past that does not work. Then correct it if we can.

    1. You’re right Randy, our past shapes us as individuals… and dealing with our past helps us build and communicate better in those all important relationships.

  2. So true. I know my spouse and I don’t communicate well, if at all. That’s something we used to do a lot. But we have gotten out of the habit of talking with each other.I guess we’ve become comfortable with each other.

    I think we need to communicate now more than ever, because of things going on in our life. We are about to add to our family hopefully and communication is going to be very important.

    I guess I need to start the conversation and bring this to his attention.

    1. Lisa thanks for being so honest. I think if we’re all honest, what you are experiencing is what some of us do too. We take for granted that things are okay with each other without asking whether they actually are!

      If you are adding to your family communication will be even more important.

      I hope things improve for you.

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