Understanding our perceptions

I believe we need to understand how perceptions work if we are to change our behaviour. Our perceptions act as a filter based on our experiences and are then used to interpret our thoughts on what we see, hear and feel through the conscious.

Perceptions usually have an impact on our values, feelings and beliefs, but as we continue to subject ourselves to the different emotional and psychological elements that change how we see our realities, those realities will always be different.

Individually, I believe we begin to interpret what we see through our many experiences and from those experiences we will draw our own perceptions, even if our circumstances are similar to that of someone else. We cannot make others believe what we believe, as they cannot make us believe what they believe.

Because our own view and interpretation on the world is different, our character traits will be different too. Behaviour is usually defined according to how we cope with our lives. We may perhaps start to behave differently when we’re not in control of our thoughts and what we deal with and that may cause conflict or concern for others.

This is why I believe it’s important to understand our perceptions and how those perceptions fit into our lives and into the lives of other people.

20 Jan, 2012

4 thoughts on “Understanding our perceptions

  1. I totally believe this.

    We can try to perceive how others are feeling, but we never really know. Our perceptions are totally different.

    I feel they could be the same if we are able to communicate our feelings well.

    1. I do too and like you believe communication is the key; although that’s not so easy to do, which is why we sometimes fail to convince others of our opinions.

      At best all we can do is reach a compromise.

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