Why we should reflect

I tend to use reflection as a tool to change certain aspects of my life, so that I can be calmer. It also helps me to understand my life better.

I think it is important to reflect on what we’re doing right, what doesn’t work, look at our past to see how we can make improvements and adjustments, so that we continue to improve as individuals, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Life can be overwhelming. When we use reflection as a tool, we’re able to stand back objectively and look at our lives and what we deal with. Hopefully then any problems we have will no longer seem significant, but ones that can be easily managed and rectified.

I believe reflection also helps us learn more about ourselves so that we go on to make better choices. We get to figure out where we’ve gone wrong and what we can do to put our mistakes and our life back on track. Mistakes are a valuable commodity and a learning tool, but unless we understand why we make mistakes, all of this becomes counterproductive.

I also believe that when we reflect on our success we’re more likely to want to celebrate them.  It’s easy to be successful and not consciously recognise that we are. Without ever reflecting, we’re more likely to focus on how much we’ve failed at, rather than see how much we’ve been successful at.

I see reflection as a means of us putting our lives back into perspective. That way we’re more likely to stay grounded in many aspects of our lives.

23 Dec, 2011

8 thoughts on “Why we should reflect

  1. I agree. We should use reflection as a tool for life lessons. I reflect occasionally.

    Some memories make me happy and others make me sad. I try to remember the good ones. I can see my mistakes and I tend to pass them on to my child as a lesson of what not to do. Of course I learn from them also.

  2. I think anytime we step back and look at things is a good thing, especially if we have a problem that is difficult to solve.

    Reflection can help guide our future as well. Look at the great times in life and see what you did for that to happen. Sometimes if you can feel that again you can get some of those same feelings back and move forward positively.

  3. Ditto Ilana. I try to use meditation more these days and I find this very similar to you using reflection.

    Another idea I often have is to examine my day last thing at night. This is useful to see if I could have done something different or better, as we learn more positively if we ourselves are more positive human beings.

    1. Thanks Mike. I agree with you on your point about looking back at your day on an evening, to see if you could have done anything differently.

      It’s a good way to change things if necessary.

  4. Reflection is so important; we just have to be wary not to get lost in it. Try to observe and understand what we are reflecting on and not get lost and further confused in the negative emotions of some memories.

    Reflection should be to grow to learn, I’m glad I read this today it helped cleanse my mind and cooled stressful thoughts, exactly what I needed to read. Thank you.

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