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Cats teach us so much. Just over three years ago when my mum was terminally ill, we decided to get a cat so that we could work through stress dealing with my mum’s illness.

Emotionally they make our world right, but where I was spiritually aware, I have now become even more aware, just by watching her live her life. She was a rescue cat that picked Claudia out when we went to the cattery. She had a skin condition and had been left to wander the streets. I love to sit and observe her, to watch how she interacts with the world around her.

We learn over the years how to tap into a world that helps us look and understand moral right and wrong awareness and spiritual values centred around the universe, using that as a base for our life and that of my children, if we let it. I believe these teachings lend themselves to a more spiritual, harmonious and peaceful life.

Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean that we are religious, or must follow a religion. Many religious people see themselves as spiritual and of the conversations I have had, none of them seem to hold these qualities, in fact they tend to preach the opposite. My belief is that you are either religious or spiritual, but you cannot be both.

I don’t follow a religion, but see myself as spiritual. I see spirituality as a connection to everything including life, all that nature brings and the universe. I am aware of all that I feel on a deeper level of all that is around me.

Having a cat adds to those spiritual beliefs.

5 Nov, 2010

10 thoughts on “Cats & spirituality

  1. I believe in one God and Jesus Christ. I am of the religion of baptist. I haven’t been attending church services like I should, but am going to starting this Sunday.

    I believe that animals have some kind of spiritual connection. People say they don’t have feelings and are not capable of having feelings. I have to disagree with them though. I know our dog Josie has feelings and shows love.

    She is such a joy and helps me on bad days. Our cats are the same. We have three. And we have an outside dog that I swear when you look into his eyes, it’s almost like he’s human. He has these deep, soulful eyes. I’ve often wondered if he is someone, like in India they believe the cows are re-incarnated people.

    Anyway, my pets are very good for me and they help me cope especially if I’m in a bad mood or feeling down. This is a great post Ilana. Very thoughtful. Lisa

    1. Lisa I am glad that you have beliefs. I am sure they will in some way help you with what you deal with. I also believe, like you that animals are the most spiritual and that they see things we don’t see, particularly cats.

      I also agree with your sentiments on how they make us feel and can brighten our most down days.

  2. I have always loved cats and right now is the first time since I was a teenager, that I don’t have one.

    My cat was my best friend when I was a teenager and I was having a rough time. She knew when I was upset or depressed and would curl up with me when I cried. No one can convince me they don’t have feelings.

    I got a cat again a few years ago when I was lonely and found myself living alone. She was my companion and I will have another cat one day (renting now, not allowed). I miss having a cat in the house with me and the affection they show. I never thought of it in a spiritual sense but I will give this some thought.

    I’d love to have a cat right now.

    1. Lisa, this is the first time we have a cat and you are completely right. They do show a lot of affection to those of us who show them affection. They do have an independent side though as you’ll know.

      I hope that it won’t be too long before you have a cat again. They do make our world right in many ways… and apart from the fact that they are instinctive killers when they are out of their own territory, I only have to watch mine to see how spiritual she is, in the simplest form.

      She doesn’t want for anything other than food, clean water and somewhere to sleep. Thanks for posting.

  3. I agree with the healing ability that pets have on people. I saw it with my mother after her stroke and our dog Misty. I had a cat when I was a kid and going through hard times, he was my best friend. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that little cat, his name was Butchie.

    I think of religion as a fellowship and spirituality as a deep and personal belief system. I really enjoyed this post… thank you.

    1. I believe that too Brian. I also agree with you about your thoughts and religion. You beat me to it. You will see why tomorrow!

  4. Cats are definitely very spiritual and it’s amazing how they can help you to feel truly centered. I’ve always been a cat person for that reason. Now if they could just talk and share their wisdom, that would be even greater!

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