Changing emotional connections

We must shorten the divide between being told we’re loved and feeling that we’re loved. Sadly, they’re not the same thing. Our soul must feel love.

Unless we manage to clear the thoughts that prevent the flow of positive energy from moving freely through us, the negative thoughts brought about by experiences and by those around us will be mirrored and recreated from experiences stored in our subconscious mind.

We must learn to challenge and change our emotional connections. As we get to live our lives, our subconscious mind will continue to override our conscious thoughts, so that we’re repeating past emotional patterns.

Those past experiences will continue to shape how we see ourselves inwardly and will have a knock-on effect on how we behave and perceive other people. For us to free ourselves from past experiences, we need to continually deal with our issues and emotional needs.

It is only then that we will start to become aware of our needs in the present time, without feeling the need to revert to the past. It is in those moments when we will be at our most calm and will experience a deeper connection of things and the people around us.

15 Oct, 2011

4 thoughts on “Changing emotional connections

  1. Good thought provoking post. I agree with you that we have to know ourselves on all planes to clear the energy paths, so we can be accepting of new feelings.

    Old ones just clog the pathways like arteries get clogged.

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