Choosing to think positively

If the majority of us understood how self-talk works, we would understand the need for us to be more mindful of what we tell ourselves, because in effect self-talk is a full conversation with the universe.

Self-talk affects how our mind interprets what happens to us and what’s going on around us. It also affects how we perceive and communicate with others. The things we tell ourselves through self-talk may become our reality. What we think about the most is what we may have to deal with, whether our thinking is negative or positive.

The mind starts out without thoughts. How we then talk to ourselves defines how our lives are shaped, because our thoughts align with the universe and its rules. If we put out positive thoughts, we will get positive thoughts back, in the same way if we put out unkindness, we will get unkindness back.

Because the Law of Attraction states what we put out will finds its way back to us, it’s important to make our thinking positive.

9 Jun, 2016

6 thoughts on “Choosing to think positively

  1. It’s empowering to think that we can positively change our thought process. I agree we can choose positivity or negativity. Your website is a testament to that.

    And I agree it is important to put out what we hope to get back. After all, what goes around comes around.

    1. Awww thanks. Yes if we believe in karma, ‘what goes around comes around.’ Seriously though, whether we believe it or not, it’s important to keep our thoughts positive.

      I have seen first hand what happens when we continue to live a negative life. Illness catches us when we least expect it. It’s important we keep our thoughts and circle positive to avoid both stress and illness.

  2. It can be very difficult for me to think positively when most of my life I have survived by tapping into the dark side of the force!

    My world was very negative and depressing, so it’s no wonder I have such a hard time with figuring out how to live a normal life. There are people who are always upbeat and cheery that I can’t quite figure out how they work.

    I’m guessing that they lived a very pleasant life and didn’t have to go through the hell that I did. I went through things that no child should ever have to see, so there are times when I am not a very happy camper!

    People think that somehow it’s just so easy to get over it, when that is very far from the case. Yes, I know I have to choose to think positively, which isn’t always very easy. I don’t often wake up all sunny and cheerful, so it may take a while before I can get into that mode.

    People so often choose to be very negative, which only serves to make other people negative and spreads like a disease. There are those too who actually enjoy living in the chaos and insanity, so they keep stirring the pot to cause even more trouble.

    I grew up with a mother like this, who never knew when to let things go and just kept harping on about the same things continuously. It’s no wonder that my father drank at times, so he could put up with her crazy behavior.

    My biggest concern now is to break the cycle and not turn out the same way they did.

    1. Thanks Randy, Yes, when we live with people who are always negative, it’s difficult to be and think positive thoughts.

      I think you’re right about the cycle though. It’s so much harder to break negative cycles. As a child I struggled with a lot of negative self talk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight, sadly.

      It took me many years to change my inner self-talk.

  3. I agree. But it’s a delicate dance to think positive, when the laws of attraction and its rules intersect with reality.

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