Compatibility & relationships

Compatibility doesn’t have to be with a partner or spouse, it could be with someone we hang out with such as a girlfriend, boyfriend; anyone we share a friendship or relationship with.

Is compatibility something we stop to think about or analyse?

Compatibility isn’t something we think about on a conscious level because if we did, we’d change our relationships. We come into relationships with baggage and baggage tends to interfere with relationships. Making decisions will always bring new attitudes, which may not always be compatible with the person we’re with.

What about material possessions and money? Do material possessions matter? Many relationships don’t work because of different attitudes to possessions or money. We also have different attitudes on raising children. Our philosophical attitudes tend to come from education and how we believe the world works.

What works and what is right for what we want, isn’t necessarily right for that of our partners. What about optimism? Is your cup half empty? Are you open to change? Do you accept your partner’s point of view, or do you always have to be right? Does your partner fall into line?

It’s okay to be individual because that’s how we make it in the world. It’s okay to have different values, but it’s more important that we accept and support those we’re with, because we want to be with that person, not stand in judgment, because we can’t agree.

I think that once we manage to achieve common ground and we let the relationship grow, we will have more compatibility. Religion, background, parentage and status shouldn’t come into it either.

26 May, 2011

6 thoughts on “Compatibility & relationships

  1. I think in this world we all have to be open to change in order to grow.

    Change is difficult, but sometimes when you do it the rewards are amazing. I know I have had this experience in my life it gave me a job I absolutely loved. Gave me a lot of personal growth.

    I also met a great person who changed my life for the better.

    1. Yes of course. When we grow we become more worldly so that we are capable of fitting comfortably into our lives.

      Just because we grow, doesn’t mean we will be any more compatible, but it is being compatible that helps us live our life. I feel that being compatible is very important, it’s the backbone and basis of any relationship.

      I am pleased Randy that you met a great friend who changed your life for the better.

  2. I think there is give and take in all relationships.

    The problem is that people don’t want to give enough and older relationships is harder because people have lived years doing things the way they want and are “set” in their ways.

    We need to learn that different ways of doing things may be better and that in relationships communication is a key thing. You have to be able to communicate with each other in any kind of relationship.

    Sometimes the truth may hurt, but it’s for our own good. I have a real good friend that I know is a true friend because we can tell each other anything and still stay friends.

    1. As you say, give and take in relationships is so important. Unfortunately that’s not what happens, because we don’t know how to give and let go.

      We also need to let go of our past and learn to accept and adapt into any new relationship. I believe that once we learn to let go, compatibility is more likely to happen. I also believe people are too quick to want to change others.

      You are right we do have to communicate and for some that works beautifully, but even when we have used communication as a tool, will we still be compatible? Our partners don’t have to agree with the point we’re trying to make.

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