More about pessimism

Being pessimistic not only infringes on our own lives, but that of our partners, family and friends.

How being pessimistic makes us feel

Overwhelmed and out of control, useless and incompetent, sad and alone, invisible and ignored, misunderstood, self-pitying and abandonment, an outcast, a loser and withdrawn, worthless and empty inside

If you are pessimistic

Living with pessimism is a challenge but not one that can’t be overcome, pessimism although it can interfere with intimacy in a relationship, it can be managed through the right support mechanisms, you have a right and deserve to find happiness within yourself and your life, so that you can be successful at what you choose to do.

It is counter-productive hiding behind your personality. No-one is born the way, you live your life, you can change your belief system, learning to see ‘your glass half full’ will improve your physical, emotional and spiritual life.

A lot of what we play out in our lives is what we have seen in our formative years. It’s also safe to assume that ‘parental pessimism’ is something we learn from our parents, but with willpower, understanding and determination I believe we can start to be more optimistic.

It is important to understand how we are, so that we can learn where changes need to be made.

9 Oct, 2010

4 thoughts on “More about pessimism

  1. Great information, very helpful! I can see some of the things you mentioned in myself. Especially overwhelmed and out of control and useless and incompetent.

    I always try to see the glass half full but sometimes its hard to do. And sometimes I do feel invisible to family members and left out, but I just keep on going and push through.

    1. I understand you Lisa, but the key is to ignore what goes on around you as far as family are concerned. As long as you know you do the right thing and can life with you, doesn’t matter what others think.

      I gave up trying to please a long time ago. I too still appeared invisible, so I stopped trying. Now I please myself.

      It does have consequences but I have more peace and that has to be priceless.

  2. Yes I can see some of these things in me. But I fight every day to stay positive and to have a better outlook on life. If I didn’t I would just curl up and die.

    1. Randy, at least you try. It’s good to stay as positive as you can, so that when you’re not you pull through a little quicker.

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