Overcoming mental blocks

We all have mental blocks, where we’re stuck and have no control over our thinking. It’s literally like we’ve forgotten our thought process. Sadly, my disability lends itself to mental blocks all the time, particularly when I’m trying to communicate and I can’t form or find my words, or think properly. This is where my writing helps.

Whether we’re trying to solve an issue or look at ways to change an outcome, our creative thinking will always be crucial to that process, but to first begin the process, we must change our perspective, so that we’re seeing things differently.

We must create how we want things to be, by accepting things just as they are and by living life in the moment. Sadly, we’re governed by other people’s thinking and that tends to validate our own. If enough of us agree certain concepts, we will begin to believe those things. That’s how society tends to play it.

That then allows us to fit into other people’s thinking, without bringing our own thinking or beliefs into question. But sadly, believing what others think or believe, will not only leave us with an unquestioning consensus, it will also go on to inhibit our natural creative abilities; in other words, we will lose our ability to think for ourselves.

Of course, when it comes to creativity, it’s not always a matter of us looking for ways to inspire creativity, we need to realise and understand the truth and make our decisions based on truth. Truth lends itself to creativity and being able to overcome those mental blocks.

17 Sep, 2017

2 thoughts on “Overcoming mental blocks

  1. I agree accepting things how they are is important. It can bring peace to an otherwise troubling situation and can overcome an anxious mental block.

    Anything that reduces our stresses is a good thing.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Perhaps more of us should also think like that.

      But bringing acceptance on anything isn’t easy unless we have understanding. I believe it’s our lack of understanding that sometimes brings about our mental blocks.

      I agree with you that anything that works for us that reduces our stress, is a good thing.

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