The emotional stress of living with Cerebral Palsy

Generally, I am a positive person and deal with my day-to-day problems with fortitude and positivity, but when I’ m around people who are negative, I begin to feel negative about my Cerebral Palsy, not necessarily me, then I have to build myself back up again.

There is information out there about emotions and personal health. Having Cerebral Palsy doesn’t help. I believe emotions do play a big part in whether we stay well or not. Emotional health affects the immune system putting the extra pressure on our bodies. Putting the body back into a good emotional state is therefore very important.

This is where the term dis-ease comes from. It means not being at ease with one-self. I saw that with my mum who emotionally didn’t cope well and at the age of just 68 years of age she died of Lung cancer. She had never been to see a doctor, was never ill, didn’t smoke, but did carry emotional stress, too much I feel.

For people like myself living with Cerebral Palsy not only have Cerebral Palsy and its effects to deal with, but sometimes other people’s inabilities to understand our symptoms. Some people I have spoken to have never heard of such a condition.

Throughout my childhood I lived with a lot of negativity around me because of my condition, but now I am choosing change. I don’t believe we need to stay where we are. We all have choices we can make different ones, should we choose to do so.

22 May, 2010

8 thoughts on “The emotional stress of living with Cerebral Palsy

  1. You know how terrific you are and you can’t fool me, come on now.

    I agree with you totally, because when I am feeling well on either side of the fence; it does make it easier to bring the other side up as well mental/emotional sides. I lost 13 pounds and am feeling a bit better, a lot better.

    Thanks for all of the great advice.

    1. You’re welcome. It’s no problem, anytime. I agree with you that when we’re feeling well, motivated and focused it’s easier to bring up and talk about how we feel.

      It’s important we do.

  2. I’m glad that even though you had no support system as a child you have chosen to rise above CP and have a positive outlook.

    You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Wow you are absolutely amazing! ! I’m sorry your mom passed so young. I truly believe also it’s all attitude and who and what we are around and our choices.

    Yesterday I felt bad for being tired and sore, but my 85 yr old grandpa and mother were working on the move. I’d sit for 10 minutes and get back up to do more work.

    I have to remind myself and others I can’t compare myself physically with others.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Your last paragraph resonates with me.

      I also feel others have to remember that for us too, otherwise we’ll begin to feel we’re either moaning when we have to remind others of what we deal with; or we’re a burden because we can’t work to full capacity.

      Either scenario isn’t great so it helps when others really do understand.

  4. You are inspirational Ilana. You have turned a negative into an astounding positive! You’re truly amazing and wonderful and we are ALL here for you always!

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