Tips on tackling stress

Because of the world-wide economic recession, most of us will have become aware of just how much more stressed we are.

If we don’t recognise the signs of stress, those around us will probably be aware of just how stressed we have become. Although some stress can be good for us, it keeps us motivated, alert and can even in some cases can make us aware of danger signs and how best to avoid them, in abundance stress can also make us sick.

Living with stress without any relief can lead to ‘negative stress reactions.’ Stress is known to disturb the internal balance that can lead to physical symptoms, if stress persists. Those symptoms include the usual problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia and an upset stomach.

Stress can also lead to emotional problems such as depression and anxiety attacks. Stress can also worsen other symptoms and diseases.

Here are some suggestions on how we can reduce stress:

  • Having a positive attitude helps. When we’re positive we tend to cope better and are less likely to encounter stress;
  • Being assertive means we’re less likely to get stressed;
  • Try and assert your opinions, beliefs and feelings instead of using anger to get your point across. That also reduces our need to be defensive all the time;
  • Managing our time more effectively can help with cutting down on stress;
  • Set appropriate goals so that you know you’ll be okay in reaching them and say no to any requests that will add to more stress. That way you get to stay in control;
  • Exercise is a good stress reliever. Exercise produces a chemical that makes us less prone to the effects of stress and helps us cope better if we’re already dealing with stress.

So long as we know and understand the symptoms of stress, we can be more proactive. Simplifying our lives, changing the way we deal with things and thinking about our stressors, is a good place to start.

12 Oct, 2011

8 thoughts on “Tips on tackling stress

  1. Good post today as always.

    At times in my life I have been extremely stressed; mainly work related, but other stresses can happen in life.

    Some very good points on how to reduce your stress level here. Very useful.

  2. I know how bad stress can get. I’m under it constantly with my daughter. It seems like one problem resolves and another comes up. It’s a daily occurrence.

    I try to help her as much as I can, but sometimes she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say and walks out… and sometimes I get so fed up with the problem that I say “no more, I won’t discuss it any more,” because she doesn’t listen to me and do the right thing.

    I know all the stress affects my diabetes by making my blood sugar go up and then affects my other problems.

    You’re right, Stress is why everybody stays ill or why we are seeing more illnesses I believe. Good suggestions on handling stress. I think we should all take heed.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think as parents we all struggle to some extent with our children not seeing what we see. It doesn’t matter how much we have helped and guided them over the years, they grow with their own opinions, which aren’t ours of what they want for themselves, which doesn’t coincide with what we want for them.

      As hard as it is to stand back and watch them stress out, where things could be so much simpler, we have to let them do it. All we can do is hope that they find their own way eventually through maturity and experience.

      Thanks Lisa for your positive contributions.

  3. Exercise and composing music are two of my biggest stress relieving outlets. Everyone has one outlet or another that should help them as well. It’s either a matter of finding it; or a matter of dedicating the time to stop and become less stressed.

    It’s easy to become overwhelmed when facing stress so setting time aside is pretty important, even if it’s just doing something basic that you enjoy whether it’s food, fun, hobby, or otherwise.

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