Why we should ask questions?

When we’re little we grow up with curiosity. We’re keen to learn, and understand, so we ask questions that will help us grow and function in our world. But why do we stop asking questions as we get older? Perhaps it’s because we’re apprehensive about what we’re going to get back.

Perhaps finding the answers would take us down a path we’re not ready for, or if the questions are around illness, perhaps we’re not prepared for the inevitable, and that in itself brings about fear. Perhaps it’s just easier for someone else to ask the questions, so we don’t have to. Not all of us are good at asking questions, let alone making decisions on the other side of the question.

In school, we’re taught to focus on finding the correct answers to questions already asked, rather than ask our own questions, or explore our own understanding. But we can never expand our minds that way, and without doing so, we will always be held back and hold back. Not asking questions means someone else’s belief system will become ours, and so the cycle continues.

Our belief system needs to be our own so that we can choose how we want to think. When we learn new things, we push ourselves beyond what we already know. We can still listen to other people’s opinions of course, but we need to form our own.

Only then will we start to view and see the world differently. Seeing the world from a different view point gives us opportunities to be encouraged and to ask more questions so that we can challenge ourselves further.

We may even get to make new connections along the way.

9 Jun, 2011

6 thoughts on “Why we should ask questions?

  1. I agree with you. I believe that the only way we can find the answers that we want is to ask the right questions. The questions to the answers we want to know.

    It is scary sometimes and I believe a lot of us stay in the dark because secretly we know what the answer is going to be. It’s like maybe it wont happen if we don’t find out for sure.

    1. I agree Lisa it can be scary sometimes which is why many of us choose not to ask any questions, but whether we ask questions or not we will still have to face things whatever happens.

      We cannot stop what may happen because we don’t ask questions. I think we will be more prepared if we ask.

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