Fitting in

My blog today is very closely linked to one or two other blogs already written on the site, but I still feel this needs to be addressed, as a blog in its own right.

How many of us living with a condition really feel that we fit into our lives with what we continually have to deal with, whether we deal with Depression, Bipolar, MS or Cerebral Palsy? These conditions …

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31 May, 2010

Staying positive

I find that my days always have a marked effect on my mood around what I deal with emotionally around cerebral palsy.

I can start off with such positive thoughts then my mood spirals. I need people in my life who are positive. I see myself as being positive, but it’s not always possible for me to help others see themselves positively …

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30 May, 2010


A very good friend of mine posted a reply to my journal entitled, ‘Does one ever accept CP?’ I believe his response was absolutely spot on.

In society, in the work place and in the home very few people look beyond the disability to see the real person underneath. I think as individuals we need to be more accepting of ourselves before …

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28 May, 2010

Does one ever accept CP?

I have gone over this question so many times before, it’s wearing me out, but like other conditions I think the answer depends on how I feel I’m coping. Some days I feel I have accepted that I have Cerebral Palsy, other days I haven’t.

I manage my emotions. For me, there is too much negativity around what I deal with, so I feel worse about having it. There is little to no information out there for us, on how to help us cope emotionally …

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27 May, 2010

I’m down today

Cerebral Palsy constantly throws negative emotions at me that I tend to have to deal with. When I have an issue to deal with, it impacts how I feel about my cerebral palsy.

It’s the little things that remind me that I have cerebral palsy and that affects how I feel. I tend to have to remind myself that because of my neurological impairments, it has enhanced my senses and therefore …

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26 May, 2010

A positive story

Daniel’s experiences, of having been assaulted three weeks ago in Dundee, on his way back to St Andrews and coming back from the brink with an almost flawless attitude, leaves me with such admiration for him. He has chosen to dust himself down and get back up again.

As a family, the experience has changed us, but not altogether in a bad way. We see a different side to our lives now and although we have taken different experiences from Daniel’s experience. His experience has …

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25 May, 2010

Sleep problems

Sleep is essential for health and well-being. It helps with energy levels and moods. Sleep also helps with learning, memory, attention and concentration. A lack of sleep may interfere with all of those.

As adults we need at least 7 to 8 hours sleep each night. For those with Cerebral Palsy, they may have additional problems to contend with in terms of sleep, such as pain and discomfort from muscle …

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23 May, 2010

The emotional stress of living with CP

Generally, I am a positive person and deal with my problems with fortitude and positivity, but when I am around people who are negative, I feel negative, then I have to build myself back up again.

It is only through talking about mental health that we will be able to make the link between emotions and health. Our emotions play a big part in whether we will stay well or not. Emotional health can …

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22 May, 2010