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This morning, I finally managed to respond to three different posts from friends who have posted a response in connection to one of my blogs.

To those wonderful friends who have posted, thank you and I hope you’ll continue to post and to those who haven’t, I look forward …

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31 May, 2010


I would be interested to find out, how many people like myself living with Cerebral Palsy have had difficulty learning.

For many years I carried way too much guilt for not having achieved in school. Perhaps it’s time to put the record straight. The more a Cerebral Palsy brain tries to concentrate, the slower the brain …

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29 May, 2010

Sleep problems

Sleep is essential for health and well-being. It helps with energy levels and moods. Sleep also helps with learning, memory, attention and concentration. A lack of sleep may interfere with all of those.

As adults we need at least 7 to 8 hours sleep each night. For those with Cerebral Palsy, they may have additional problems to contend with in terms of sleep, such as pain and discomfort from muscle …

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25 May, 2010

Fitting in

My blog today is very closely linked to one or two other blogs already written on the site, but I still feel this needs to be addressed, as a blog in its own right.

How many of us living with a condition really feel that we fit into our lives with what we continually have to deal with, whether we deal with Depression, Bipolar, MS or Cerebral Palsy? These conditions …

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24 May, 2010

The emotional stress of living with CP

Generally, I am a positive person and deal with my problems with fortitude and positivity, but when I am around people who are negative, I feel negative, then I have to build myself back up again.

It is only through talking about mental health that we will be able to make the link between emotions and health. Our emotions play a big part in whether we will stay well or not. Emotional health can …

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23 May, 2010

Out of it today

I’ve mentioned before that Cerebral Palsy brings with it so many emotions. For the most part I am normally focused, strong and determined to work through my issues, but not today. I’m struggling a bit. My leg is weak. I feel frustrated and angry.

It is only when you continually have to deal with something that you know you’re on your own. I feel cheated, because for 46 years, I had no idea I had cerebral palsy. If I had have known earlier, I could have …

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22 May, 2010

Pre-order my new book

Many thanks
Ilana x