Out of it today

I’ve mentioned before that Cerebral Palsy brings with it so many emotions. For the most part I am normally focused, strong and determined to work through my issues, but not today. I’m struggling a bit. My leg is weak and spastic. I often feel angry, frustrated and alone.

It is only when you constantly have to deal with something that you know you’re really on your own. I feel cheated, because for 46 years, I had no idea I had Cerebral Palsy. If I had have known …

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21 May, 2010

Exercise & CP

I am beginning to understand, why the exercises I used to do as a child never helped muscle tone and how important it is not only to be able to exercise, but to find the right ones that help with Cerebral Palsy. Obviously, the extent of the disability very much depends on the affected part of the brain and the individual.

People who have Cerebral Palsy are less likely to be able to exercise, which will increase their sedentary lifestyle. This may increase their risk of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes and certain …

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20 May, 2010

How a CP brain works

A close friend of mine gave me this thought, which I want to share. Imagine how difficult it would be to run backwards; that would be the same for people like myself with cerebral palsy trying to move forward. The more we try and concentrate, the slower our brains work.

That is true for me. My brain periodically switches off like a light bulb, telling me I need to rest. The physical signs associated with cerebral palsy are clear, but to the untrained eye we appear to think …

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19 May, 2010

My first real blog

My Story on the site tells a little bit about me. No two days are the same for most people but living with Cerebral Palsy means that each day is different. My condition throws up so many feelings that I have to deal with and that’s what I find difficult.

What I really don’t get about Cerebral Palsy is how so many Specialists who deal with children with the condition say that the condition is non-progressive. Since research hasn’t been taken past …

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18 May, 2010

Why I started The CP Diary

I started The CP Diary, quite simply because I wanted something that I could use as a tool, to help me work through my emotions and thoughts growing up with a condition I didn’t know I had, whilst learning to cope living along side.

At the age of 46 when I found out I had Cerebral Palsy, I promised myself that I would do something positive to help me understand my experiences. The CP Diary is a culmination of those things …

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17 May, 2010