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I live with and manage cerebral palsy, but I must have good health also, because good health is the catalyst for me managing cerebral palsy on a daily basis.

When I started The CP Diary I had no idea about what I was going to write about.  All I knew is that I had recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I wanted to do something positive to change the negativity …

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30 Jun, 2010

Healing conflict from within

Conflicts are an inevitable part of life. However hard we try, it’s not easy to avoid them permanently, but the stronger we are the more easily we will handle them and without having to cut ties.

If we choose to walk away, it is often because we’re afraid to look deeply within ourselves. We bury the things we don’t like, or don’t want to deal with, and pass those off as if the problem for us doesn’t …

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29 Jun, 2010


I’m having one of those days playing catch up and waiting for phone calls that seem to be taking forever. Life would be easier if people who said they were going to ring, rang back. It’s just so frustrating. No doubt this afternoon I’ll have to chase.

I’m probably unconsciously thinking about other issues, but I have no clarity on those. Nothing is standing out, I just …

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28 Jun, 2010

Opinions, but the wrong ones

As a child, because I was never taught to have an opinion, I never expressed one. I sometimes wonder why people have opinions about everyone and everything and why those opinions then become part of our everyday lives. It makes what we deal with so much harder, as if what we deal with isn’t hard enough.

How many of us have come across someone who thinks they know what we deal with, without really knowing what it really feels like? I believe until anyone steps into another person’s life, we will never really …

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27 Jun, 2010

Lessening the impact

In the 1960’s when I was born, the situation for children with disabilities was very different. Parents didn’t always know how to deal with a child with a disability.

There was a stigma behind disability and rather than embrace the disability, those children were considered outcasts. Parents were embarrassed about their children and what other parents and society would …

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24 Jun, 2010

Evaluating my life

I know that the realisation that I could have researched my birth notes many years ago, has left me with a lot of uncertainty, a closing door that could have given me the answers, acceptance or closure on what I know now to be Cerebral Palsy.

I cannot change where I am, or cannot change what might have been, I can only go forward and redress the balance on where I go from here. A year ago I had an MRI scan, I got a diagnosis. It’s also …

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23 Jun, 2010


I am writing this blog because it will not only help me, but hopefully will help others with what they have to deal with, when they cannot see a way through what seems like a massive blur.

There is no doubt that I have been let down badly, by those who should have protected, supported and helped me, both personally and by those who work in the system, particularly school. I feel …

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22 Jun, 2010

Goodbye to negative feelings

This is the first time in a long time that I have had so many negative feelings, brought on by so much negativity going on around me. What I was going to write about today I will write about tomorrow.

My job today is to turn my negative feelings around, so that I can concentrate on the positive aspects to my day. The cerebral palsy issue doesn’t seem to be bothering me. I’m not sure why, but maybe I’m becoming …

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21 Jun, 2010

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