Supportive relationships

Finding the right support is the key to keeping depression at bay, but dealing with depression can be difficult when it comes to helping us maintain a positive perspective, for us to keep up the effort required to come through it.

Loneliness and feeling isolated can make depression worse, so keeping up with close relationships and contributing to social activities are both very important. Don’t be put off by reaching out to close family or …

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29 Jun, 2010


If being locked inside your heard, or being insular is classed depression, then I am depressed. Being insular is never a conscious decision, but a coping mechanism. Without hope, or drive, energy or motivation, we just exist.

It is possible though, to make small changes when dealing with low moods or depression, just through simple lifestyle changes. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but just moving around helps avoid the need …

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28 Jun, 2010


In society, in the work place and in the home very few people look beyond the disability to see the real person underneath, but as individuals we need to be more accepting of ourselves before we are able to accept others.

Those who deal with any long-term condition, must also try to be more accepting of themselves. If they were supported and accepted by family, friends and society as a whole, it would make their lives much …

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27 Jun, 2010

Signs of personal growth

When anyone is at one with themselves, they feel whole, happy and are in sync with themselves. They don’t take offence, are not easily wounded, or triggered by other people’s words or actions.

For those who take offence, there are many opportunities for you to self-heal, but it is important you acknowledge your feelings and underlying pain. It is also important you recognise any deep wound being …

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26 Jun, 2010

Watch this space

I live with and manage cerebral palsy, but I must have good health also, because good health is the catalyst for me managing cerebral palsy on a daily basis.

When I started The CP Diary I had no idea about what I was going to write about.  All I knew is that I had recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I wanted to do something positive to change the negativity …

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25 Jun, 2010


I’m having one of those days playing catch up and waiting for phone calls that seem to be taking forever. Life would be easier if people who said they were going to ring, rang back. It’s just so frustrating. No doubt this afternoon I’ll have to chase.

I’m probably unconsciously thinking about other issues, but I have no clarity on those. Nothing is standing out, I just …

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23 Jun, 2010

Opinions, but the wrong ones

As a child, because I was never taught to have an opinion, I never expressed one. I sometimes wonder why people have opinions about everyone and everything and why those opinions then become part of our everyday lives. It makes what we deal with so much harder, as if what we deal with isn’t hard enough.

How many of us have come across someone who thinks they know what we deal with, without really knowing what it really feels like? I believe until anyone steps into another person’s life, we will never really …

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21 Jun, 2010

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