Something inspirational:

Do you struggle with energy? After continuing to work without a break, do you get to the stage where you feel you need to sit out or down? It may be after a workout at the gym or after lunch. Perhaps when you reach that stage it’s worth you assessing what you do.

Taking rest first, then continuing to go about you day, should give you that little bit more energy, but pushing yourself …

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20 Jun, 2010

Information that supports

There are so many of us with different forms of Cerebral Palsy whose symptoms will vary accordingly. Unfortunately, no two cases are the same.

How many of us as we age will have symptoms, but with no concrete evidence out there to document or pin-point symptoms to a particular type of Cerebral Palsy, I’m not sure how we will fair …

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19 Jun, 2010

A shared story

I will be continuing my research for alternative therapies, but felt I needed to write this blog today.

Having spoken to a friend yesterday about our childhood experiences and my living with a physical problem, my friend couldn’t quite believe that it had taken 46 year for me to find out that I had …

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18 Jun, 2010

Reflexology treatment

In the coming months, I will be looking at some of the different therapies that help some of the symptoms often experienced with conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Bipolar etc.

I enjoy learning about alternative therapies and would have no hesitation in using or recommending them. They are good for bringing the body back into balance without all the side effects …

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17 Jun, 2010


I woke up thinking how good it would be if I could accept the things I cannot change and then I became slightly agitated because I know I don’t always manage it.

There are days where everything is going swimmingly and although I don’t emotionally think about it, I know that I must be coping because the Cerebral Palsy doesn’t seem to bother me, then …

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16 Jun, 2010


I have periodically written about how negative thoughts bring about stress and how stress brings about negative thoughts and because those thoughts are part of my life, I write about them.

There are days where I feel absolutely fine in terms of negativity, then there are days where because I continually deal with no emotional support and understanding on what I deal with …

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15 Jun, 2010

Picricum Acidum 30c

Part of the problem I have living with Cerebral Palsy is that I deal with Brain fatigue. The Homeopathic remedy “Picricum Acidum” 30c is helping, so I thought I’d do an article for anyone who may be interested in looking into it, if that is what you also deal with.

Picric Acid is a homeopathic remedy for fatigue. It helps anyone who suffers with severe mental fatigue. This remedy also helps with impaired thinking, weakness of the mind, dull or sluggish thoughts, lack of …

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14 Jun, 2010


Our emotions will either protect us or hurt us, but what we all have in common are the ties that emotionally bind us together, no matter what the emotion is.

It’s massively important we remain positive so that we can move on from just existing in our lives. We can never make any positive contributions to life when we’re being negative all the time living …

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13 Jun, 2010

Symptoms of stress

I thought I would continue with my thoughts about how the symptoms of stress can affect us in our daily lives. Most of us will probably recognise some of the symptoms mentioned below.

Signs that we have become withdrawn, drooped shoulders, frowning, crying or biting our nails. Being late for appointments, sickness, being absent from work. Not wanting to achieve or talking too …

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11 Jun, 2010