Accepting ourselves

I have written a blog, but not in great detail about how we are not always accepting of ourselves because others are less than accepting of us. It could be because of a disability, or other things we may have to deal with.

If life teaches us one thing, it’s that we can’t always change what we deal with and that sometimes we have to learn to accept our circumstances and ourselves, so that we can live our lives without …

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31 Jul, 2010

My day

On holiday, I struggled with my cerebral palsy as we spent most of the day out of the hotel. We went to Torquay harbour, then drove to Paignton.

I slept through most of both journeys and walked at snail’s pace round each harbour trying to keep up. I never make it obvious …

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29 Jul, 2010

Make a call

Something inspirational:

Does someone ever come into your mind that you haven’t spoken to that you’ve been meaning to ring? It could be an old- school friend, an elderly relative. Just imagine the surprise and pleasure of the response you may get back. That spontaneous call you make, may make someone’s day …

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27 Jul, 2010

A tiring journey

Travelling to Devon didn’t seem like a long and tiring journey, but that’s possibly because I slept through most of it. Dealing with cerebral palsy and brain fatigue tires me out. I get tired, being tired all the time.

I accept it but it can be frustrating at times for my family too. Lots of thoughts are going on in my mind. I am going to try and use this short break to chill and clear my head on the things I was dealing with …

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26 Jul, 2010

My feelings today

Today has been the kind of day I’d like to forget. Between not sleeping and family stuff going on that I can’t change, I have now been forced emotionally to move on.

Not by choice, but a place that allows me to have more clarity and peace, away from heated discussions and arguments. The problem has reinforced my Cerebral Palsy issues a little though. The lack of support …

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25 Jul, 2010

Symptoms of trauma

It’s not easy to know or recognize the symptoms of trauma (whether emotional or psychological). When we live with trauma we don’t always know it is trauma. Obviously it depends on the severity of the trauma, but the symptoms if you have them, may last from days, to weeks or even months and years.

Emotional trauma symptoms

There are many emotional symptoms that relate to trauma, such as shock, disbelief and irritability, mood swings, anger, denial, guilt and self-blame. Other feelings include hopelessness or feeling …

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22 Jul, 2010

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