My feelings today

Today has been the kind of day I’d like to forget. Between not sleeping and family stuff going on that I can’t change, I have now been forced emotionally to move on.

Not by choice, but a place that allows me to have more clarity and peace, away from heated discussions and arguments. The problem has reinforced my Cerebral Palsy issues a little though. The lack of support …

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31 Jul, 2010


As children we never really take the time to think about ourselves, for some of us we’re too busy trying to find acceptance by those around us. Self-acceptance comes from learning to appreciate who we are, rather than concentrating on outward appearances.

Learning to appreciate who we are also helps with self-esteem. Society should play its part in helping us understand what being beautiful really means and encouraging us to look within ourselves first …

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30 Jul, 2010


Self-acceptance allows us to let go of the things we cannot change. It allows us to identify our strengths and celebrate our accomplishments.

It also allows us to think positively and plan ahead. Self-acceptance allows us to take control of our lives, allows us to move on from the past and gives us confidence. Self-acceptance also empowers us to choose …

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29 Jul, 2010

Accepting ourselves

I have written a blog, but not in great detail about how we are not always accepting of ourselves because others are less than accepting of us. It could be because of a disability, or other things we may have to deal with.

If life teaches us one thing, it’s that we can’t always change what we deal with and that sometimes we have to learn to accept our circumstances and ourselves, so that we can live our lives without …

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28 Jul, 2010

Symptoms of trauma

It’s not easy to know or recognize the symptoms of trauma (whether emotional or psychological). When we live with trauma we don’t always know it is trauma. Obviously it depends on the severity of the trauma, but the symptoms if you have them, may last from days, to weeks or even months and years.

Emotional trauma symptoms

There are many emotional symptoms that relate to trauma, such as shock, disbelief and irritability, mood swings, anger, denial, guilt and self-blame. Other feelings include hopelessness or feeling …

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25 Jul, 2010

Trauma – risk factors

Various factors need to be taken into consideration when assessing the risks that surround someone’s vulnerability to trauma. Not all traumatic events will lead to emotional and psychological damage, because not everyone will see a traumatic experience as traumatic.

Some of us may bounce back because we accept what happens, as part of life’s journey. Others may be completely devastated by something that appears less upsetting by someone else. There are …

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24 Jul, 2010

What is Trauma?

To take some form of control back, we must do some soul searching on what we’re struggling with. Having struggled with trauma for most of my life, I have come to understand what trauma is.

As already briefly explained, trauma is something that is brought about through a stressful event that can change how we feel. Trauma can interfere with ones sense of security, making one feel open …

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23 Jul, 2010


Trauma can be a result of something that happens in our life that leaves us physically and emotionally traumatised that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be seen as a problem.

As a consequence of trauma, we may struggle with emotions that can be upsetting, memories that are frightening or a sense of being in danger, perhaps through an assault. As a result we may feel …

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22 Jul, 2010

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