New beginnings

Writing about what I’ve had to deal with means it would be inevitable that I would feel like this. I have had to work through and climb mountains to get to this stage.

Over the next few weeks, months and beyond, through my writing, I will start looking at ways to incorporate wellness and keep …

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31 Aug, 2010

Boosting self-esteem

There are many facets to self-esteem. Children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing as much information as they can. The messages they get eventually turn into self statements. Their beliefs, attitudes and thoughts become ingrained, and turn into a part of them that isn’t always accurate, but is accepted as true facts.

Other people’s reactions, particularly from parents, shape a child’s sense of self-worth. Any negative reactions they …

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30 Aug, 2010

Listening to our symptoms

We may not always be consciously aware of why our body experiences pain. Pain is usually a signal that all is not well emotionally, like a headache, or a sore throat that come from nowhere. It’s the body’s way of trying to attract our attention.

It is important to focus and become aware of the connections between the mind and body. Being more aware of the connections allows awareness of what we may deal with, which helps us to grow and develop …

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29 Aug, 2010

Just blah

It has been one of those days for me where I feel just blah, blah because I don’t know exactly what I feel, blah because others around me are feeling blah, blah because my daughter goes back to school on Monday, blah because the summer holidays have been miserable and blah because …

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28 Aug, 2010

Emotional ties

Emotions and keeping ourselves emotionally and physically well means different things to different people, but perhaps it also means working towards a better lifestyle, with the right amount of exercise, without excessively over-doing it.

But without our emotions intact we will surely struggle. We have to be able to emotionally manage so that we can cope with our lives. Past experiences play a huge part in what we deal with as far …

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26 Aug, 2010

What I deal with

So much wrong today with lots I have to deal with. Still dealing with my fall from Monday, nursing myself from that but then having problems with IBS, which brings home just how sensitive and vulnerable I have become to what I deal with on a daily basis.

Some of my problems have been with me for a long time, but living in ignorance and not knowing means I’ve got to get on with it, not knowing what the long term consequences of what I deal with …

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25 Aug, 2010

A new day

Always start your day by seeing it as a positive new day. Try not to see your new day as an extension of your previous one that will only serve to make you more depressed, particularly if your day didn’t go well.

If you’re day went well, start your new day on the same footing. Introduce your day with a new thought that will inspire you …

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24 Aug, 2010

My spiritual beliefs

Given my life experiences, I would have a right to be negative. However, instead of dwelling on the negativity, I have chosen a more spiritual path for myself.

My spiritual beliefs have helped me find understanding, where before I couldn’t see or understand. Spirituality is a road of self-discovery, recognising the deepest of values in the human spirit as opposed to …

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23 Aug, 2010

Where I’m at today

I know I have written about acceptance and closure before, but I’m questioning now, whether Cerebral Palsy is something I will be able to accept or bring closure on. Tomorrow I know that may all change depending on where I’m at emotionally.

I tried to close the bedroom blinds yesterday and as I did I fell over the cross-trainer. I misjudged my footing and caught my foot under the radiator cracking my toenail, bruising my foot, ankle and …

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22 Aug, 2010

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