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If emotional health is all about being aware of our thoughts, behaviour and feelings, then mine was clearly never top notch.

People with good emotional health learn how to cope with problems and stress that are part of their every day lives. They feel good about their relationships, but most of all they feel good about themselves …

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21 Aug, 2010

Being different

As a child, I wasn’t aware of what my physical or emotional difficulties meant, so never attuned myself to them. I never understood what they were or why those difficulties made me different. I was aware there was a difference in my leg mass and foot, but never equated that either.

As children, we normally attune ourselves to people’s appearances more than adults. For example, if a child sees another child who is overweight that child will say something like “Look, Mum, that girl’s …

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20 Aug, 2010

Cutting ties/2

As individuals we work relationships differently. Some of us may be happy to cut ties, others may be afraid to cut ties for fear of reprisal.

The following may go some way to avoiding the obvious stress associated with relationships with or without cutting ties:

  • Make less contact through emails, visits or calls. Putting space between you, will allow you make clear minded decisions on how that other person has been affecting you;
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19 Aug, 2010

Cutting ties

Cultivating relationships with family members is never easy, but the key to those relationships is us being able to love each other unconditionally and being able to agree to disagree, without wanting to control or change each other in the process.

How many of us have actually been evaluating our relationships for a while but have never done anything about it? Cutting ties to any relationship, brings with it feelings of guilt, doubt and failure …

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18 Aug, 2010

Value of friendships

The value of any friendship is important and although friendships are important and should be embraced, it’s important to be around people who elevate our mood, not bring us down.

We tend to conform to relationships whether they’re right for us or not, because we’re afraid to be left with nothing. The same applies to family too. We’re also afraid others will see us as outcasts …

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17 Aug, 2010

Life’s lessons

I tend to write what comes into my head as and when it comes. Stress is part of life, we all have stress to deal with, no one is exempt, but stress isn’t an excuse in the way we handle ourselves.

Stress sometimes come through the back door from other people and no matter how hard we try, there is nothing we can do to stop that stress from happening. Stress can also come through others’ …

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16 Aug, 2010

Low self-esteem & life

Our emotional state is often reflected in our body language. Observations show that negative thoughts reverberate through our emotions affecting our behaviour, our thinking and our body sensations. Low self-esteem also impacts on life and how we choose to live it.

Having Cerebral Palsy and low self-esteem in school meant I underachieved. When we don’t have the support from home or school it’s easy to fall behind. I couldn’t catch up, nor could I compete …

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15 Aug, 2010

Essence of low self-esteem

When we choose to work through more of our thoughts, there is a lot we can learn and understand about low self-esteem. Our central beliefs and ideas about the kind of people we are, lie at the heart of how we feel about ourselves.

Thoughts are often brought about by our experiences, good or bad. If we have had nothing but praise or positive experiences, through others, about the kind of people we are, then the way we feel …

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13 Aug, 2010

Self-esteem issues

Self-esteem is a term used in Psychology to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own self worth. Self-esteem encompasses a variety of emotions and beliefs in ones abilities.

Self-esteem will always arise when we begin to feel unworthy and it’s usually through an innate lack of emotional support. It’s the support network around us that helps build our confidence. Self-esteem …

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12 Aug, 2010