Yesterday was a non-starter. I’m not sure where it came from, but when I came to exercise in the morning, I managed no more than five minutes and when that became a struggle, I stopped.

Today I feel a little better, slightly more motivated. Usually, when I have no motivation I know exactly why. We’re bound to have those, so that’s okay, but perhaps we need to understand …

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29 Sep, 2010

Cold Fighting Foods

It’s not easy to eat when we’re fighting a cold. Our body tells us to back off, but family and friends are telling us we have to eat, to keep our strength up. If you work on the assumption that you “starve a fever and feed a cold,” you won’t go far wrong.

The idea is not to force yourself if you’re really not feeling up to eating, but drink plenty of fluid. Water is a good choice to help flush out the toxins, but keep sugared drinks to a minimum. Increase …

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28 Sep, 2010


Enjoy the anticipation of waiting for today’s small pleasures. We take so much for granted that whatever we think we should have, we want it, when we want it and won’t wait for it, but things shouldn’t be commonplace. They should be treats, a gift, a reward for something we’ve worked for. Anticipation adds to the senses and exercises willpower. Perhaps we …

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27 Sep, 2010

10 tips to boost immunity

With the busy lifestyles we lead, it almost seems a daunting task to keep up on healthy eating, primarily because it’s more time consuming and time isn’t what we have. But it’s more difficult trying to get well again, so taking the time now to work on keeping our immunity at optimum level has to be more beneficial.

My tips for boosting immunity are:

  • Avoid eating anything refined, processed white and sugary foods and any foods containing artificial additives and preservatives;
  • Eat a handful of nuts or seeds – or a tablespoon of a ‘cold-pressed seed oil,’
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26 Sep, 2010

A parent thing

I am sure none of us consciously bring up our children to believe that it has to be our way and if it’s not our way, it’s the wrong way.

When we watch our children struggle because of what they have to deal with, it’s hard to see why they just don’t get what we get, even with the explanations that will help them pave their way. It’s so …

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25 Sep, 2010

My pre-disposition

It is true that we can be predisposed to certain diseases that we can change, so that we don’t inherit something that someone in our family has, but what about something that you have because someone else made an error of judgment, in other words a mistake.

My cerebral palsy wasn’t a freak of nature from birth. I know that now. I developed normally in the womb before I was born, being the younger twin and weighing more than my twin at birth, one hour after …

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23 Sep, 2010


As children, we may not always be encouraged to drink water, but without drinking the right amount of fluids daily, everything we do as far as our health is concerned will fall short.

Now for the science bit

The human body is made up of two-thirds water, but every day we lose around 1.5 litres, through our lungs, gut, skin and kidneys, excreted as urine. We therefore must replace what we lose. The recommended …

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22 Sep, 2010

Urinary issues & CP

Any website you look at for cerebral palsy, will always mention something about urinary and bowel issues, because its common for those of us who deal with cerebral palsy.

With the help of digestive enzymes, acidophilus, slippery elm and looking at our diet, we can help ourselves work through the process. For urinary infections, cranberry juice or a cranberry supplement …

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21 Sep, 2010

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