Genetic illness

As individuals we are unique. We have different strengths and weaknesses and different levels of resilience. Some of us are born to family who have good genes, but some of us are unlucky and don’t.

Does that mean that our health is predetermined by our family genes?

The short answer is not necessarily. Alzheimer’s is a good example, “only one in a hundred cases of this debilitating disease is caused by genes,” but a healthy lifestyle and the way we choose to live …

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20 Sep, 2010

The role of vitamins

Growing up, it was my mum who had an interest in health and health products. I’m not sure why, but I remember it being like that. My interest grew from there. She was adamant that was the path we needed to go down.

We need vitamins to balance our hormones so that our immune system will work better, so that our body will produce the energy it needs for us to be able to live without us struggling, help protect our …

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19 Sep, 2010

Multi-vitamins & Minerals

My last journal was about antioxidant foods and problems with food. If you are having problems, it’s feasible that you may need to supplement the diet with extra Vitamins and Minerals.

I always look for a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral. The ideal levels for supplement will depend on the quality of your diet and other factors such as stress levels, age, pollution exposure …

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17 Sep, 2010

Staying healthy

I know it’s not realistic to anticipate that with our busy and hurried lifestyles, our 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day will always be possible.

I also know that pesticides which are routinely added to crops that have become part of the food chain have reduced the nutritional value of what we eat, and those have become essential to many farming …

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16 Sep, 2010

My not so good day

My not so good thoughts are back today. I am usually strong, but then I have my moments of losing clarity, feelings of despondency, feeling lost and feelings of isolation.

Something was said that holds true in my thoughts and has only just registered with me. Living with Cerebral Palsy means that my brain doesn’t automatically engage when it should. Where others …

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15 Sep, 2010

Antioxidants in Foods

Antioxidants slow down or prevent oxidization of our cells. They are the nutrients found in food. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals, which can cause damage.

Antioxidants help prevent and repair damage done by free radicals. It is now generally accepted that health problems such as heart disease and cancer can in part be contributed by damage, caused …

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13 Sep, 2010

The CP Diary

I started the CP Diary so that I could work on my emotional and physical problems having had no support as a child and not knowing what I was dealing with.

I would like to think that the site has now become a community, where we get to help  each other, with what we deal with. It’s not just a site about Cerebral Palsy any more. It’s a site that incorporates …

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12 Sep, 2010

Emotions & expression

We all have different ways of coping and dealing with our emotions, conditioned through cultural experiences and our upbringing, which both play a pivotal part.

For example, those who live in Mediterranean countries express themselves openly over losing a loved one, whereas those from Northern European countries, may be encouraged or expected to grieve …

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11 Sep, 2010