Taking a look at ourselves

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in someone’s company you can come out feeling tired and drained? Sadly, we never stop to question why or how we can spend three or four hours in a friend’s company and feel so drained.

Perhaps those times weren’t necessarily about us, but about those friends we chose to spend our time with. As our mood spirals, it makes our life so much harder. Moods don’t always start with …

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31 Oct, 2010

A perspective

Something inspirational:

How many of us when we feel upset, temporarily lose perspective in our life? We see everything that’s negative or wrong and lose sight on some of those accomplishments or achievements. Time to take stock.

Imagine you’re looking at yourself at the other side of the room. Begin to observe yourself, your thoughts and your body language. What would you tell yourself? Look for calm whilst you talk yourself …

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30 Oct, 2010

Me and my site

Long overdue, but I wanted to explain a little bit about me and my site. My site reinforces my life and my experiences. It was only at the age of 46 that I consciously made the decision to do something positive as far as my Cerebral Palsy was concerned.

I had no idea at the time what that positive was going to be, but I was writing journals away from the site, so thought …

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29 Oct, 2010

More about Spirituality

It is said by some that religion and spirituality are total opposites. Historically, we were spiritual long before we found religion. Religion is associated with the concerns of a life through faith, culture and society.

Spirituality can also be described as an attachment to one’s inner soul through life and how we choose to live it. It allows us …

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28 Oct, 2010

An unexpected surprise

Last night came good when Claudia was awarded a prize at the Town Hall in Leeds for all her hard work in school last year. We are immensely proud of her achievements to date and it’s wonderful to watch her grow into a wonderfully balanced adult.

Prize Giving isn’t something I have been able to attend for many years because I was always struggling with reflux problems or heartburn, but since I have found ways to stay well, I was able to attend …

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26 Oct, 2010

Dealing with stress again

I’m having a little bit of a downer on myself today. I seem to have to deal with something every day. I talked in one of my previous journals about the support network we build around us. The last few days of stress, have tested me resolve greatly.

In an ideal world we would have no stress, but the majority of my stress comes from extended family stuff. It never seems to be one particular problem, but problems that somehow come from …

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25 Oct, 2010

Dealing with CP issues

I have always equated the problems with my handwriting to my father walking behind me as a child. Now my neurologist has confirmed scar tissue is the reason I have problems with my handwriting, rather than the emotional scarring of being watched, as a child.

Although others have no idea of my daily struggles, just filling in a form is difficult. Because handwriting is something we learn as a child, I feel embarrassed that I continue to struggle with it. Perhaps my …

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23 Oct, 2010

The Cerebral Palsy Brain

I never really understood what I was dealing with as a child around my physical problems, what my symptoms meant or what they were. Now 47 years on and I still don’t know everything I need to know.

I was researching cerebral palsy and came across a Wikipedia note outlining the part of my brain that is damaged as a result of my stroke, called the Cerebrum (although the disorder is likely to involve connections …

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22 Oct, 2010

Order my new book

Ilana x