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More about our comfort zones

30 Nov

Doing something that we know we may struggle with, seems a little odd, right? More scary than odd.

I have already written a journal about exploring our boundaries and embarking on a journey, which continually challenges us, as far as comfort zones are concerned. I thought I would …

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Quote of the week

29 Nov

Get inspired:

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”


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Comfort zones

28 Nov

This topic is something I think we can all resonate with in one way or another, but if you’re lucky enough to have worked through it and you’re where you want to be; then that’s great.

I was asked to go and pick my son Daniel up at the railway station so that he could come home, having made a surprise 6-hour trip to see us for the weekend. It was dark; I would be driving …

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How I’m feeling

27 Nov

Although I managed to write another journal yesterday, I was still dealing with emotional stuff this week concerning my Cerebral Palsy.

This morning I am feeling a lot better about things. By telling myself that I need to bring peace back into my thoughts and that carrying negativity will do me more harm, I have managed to see …

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All about sleep

26 Nov

I believe a lot of my sleep problems are connected to brain fatigue and Cerebral Palsy. Even as a child I struggled to sleep. Something I have always struggled with. We know that losing sleep isn’t the best route to go down, so I have decided to journal about it.

Researchers now agree with each other that we need between seven to nine hours of sleep that goes largely uninterrupted. Obviously not sleeping in the longer term may carry health risks …

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How I’m feeling about CP

25 Nov

Still blogging on the subject of Cerebral Palsy, seeing my Neurologist went well, but I feel frustrated and let down now by those who were involved in my life as a child and who should have been protecting me.

A diagnosis would have been good; anything that allowed me to know what I was dealing with. A diagnosis would have gone some way to explain my difficulties. Having started the ball rolling last …

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Working through things

24 Nov

This is where I’m at today. Having been to see another Neurologist yesterday, I came away with some negativity, although the meeting wasn’t altogether negative. The fact that I am 47 years old and still trying to work things out as far as Cerebral Palsy is concerned is making what I went through yesterday seem very negative.

It’s the culmination of having had no emotional support and still having to work through the lack of information that is bringing me back to this place. I don’t intend for it to engulf my life, but I have …

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Why support is important

23 Nov

I have never made the no emotional support I received as a child an issue, because I made myself self-sufficient enough to get by. I was lucky I was able to do that; but because I didn’t have it, I know how important it is to have support.

Being a support doesn’t mean we have to try and fix other people’s problems, first and foremost we need to be a good listener and have a caring manner. We also have to make sure we don’t judge …

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Quote of the week – Benjamin Franklin

22 Nov

Get inspired with inspirational quotes:

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise.”


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More thoughts on aging with CP

21 Nov

I have written another journal with slightly different thoughts about growing older with Cerebral Palsy. I have a pit in the stomach feeling every time I think about it.

I feel on the whole I cope admirably, but it’s stumbling across everything and having to deal with those problems that I find frustrating and annoying. It’s not just that what I deal with is for …

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