Outside influences & parenting

My own experiences of being parented as a child weren’t positive, but as a parent myself, I feel I have worked hard to be better.

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs we will ever do. There are many challenges associated with being a parent. We play a big role in our children’s lives, even before they go to school and in the early years we are …

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30 Nov, 2010

The perception of parenting

I’m having a little bit of a down day and am back with my own thoughts. I think if we were to be born to parents that did everything right, we’d be one of the lucky few. I know from being a parent myself, it’s not always easy to know whether we will get the parenting thing right.

Where we think we’re making the right decisions for children, our children may think differently. And perhaps being brought …

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29 Nov, 2010

When to take supplements

We won’t and can’t always take in the right number of nutrients and therefore may need to look at supplements to bridge the gap depending on what we physically deal with. But when we take our supplements, is more important than taking our supplements; if we want to acquire the maximum benefit.

The following suggestions may be …

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27 Nov, 2010

A lack of CP information

In 2009 when I first found out I had Cerebral Palsy, I had no idea about Cerebral Palsy. I was in the doctor’s surgery last night when I noticed there were no details or information on Cerebral Palsy in the waiting room at all. The surgery had information leaflets and some available local groups for the following:

Diabetes; Tinnitus; Alzheimers; Deafness; Drug abuse; Parkinsons; Osteoporosis; Fibromyalgia and Cervical cancer. Many babies are still being born with Cerebral Palsy and since I was born …

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26 Nov, 2010

More about our comfort zones

Doing something that you know you struggle with seems a little odd, right? Or perhaps it’s more scary, than odd. I came across this quote, which caught my eye, by Juan Williams who talks about and encourages us to come out of our own space.

“Go beyond what makes you comfortable. Open yourself to ideas, events, relationships that make you uncomfortable. Travel places where you know no one. Learn another language. Create art …

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25 Nov, 2010

Comfort zones

This topic is something I think we can all resonate with in one way or another, but if you’re lucky enough to have worked through your comfort zone and you’re where you want to be, then that’s great.

I was asked to go and pick my son up at the railway station so that he could come home, having made a surprise 6-hour trip to see us for the weekend. It was dark, I would be driving on my own and …

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23 Nov, 2010

My pre-disposition

It is true that we can be predisposed to certain diseases that we can change, so that we don’t inherit something that someone in our family has, but what about something that you have because someone else made an error of judgment, in other words a mistake.

My cerebral palsy wasn’t a freak of nature from birth. I know that now. I developed normally in the womb before I was born, being the younger twin and weighing more than my twin at birth, one hour after …

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22 Nov, 2010

How I’m feeling

Although I managed to write another blog yesterday, I was still dealing with emotional stuff this week concerning my Cerebral Palsy. This morning I am feeling a lot better about things.

By telling myself that I need to bring peace back into my thoughts and that carrying negativity will do me more harm, I have managed to see the world differently this morning. My spiritual …

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21 Nov, 2010

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