The final chapter

I have had a change of plan for writing my blog today, because the letter I had been waiting for from my Neurologist came in the post this morning, so that has taken precedent. I am now looking at the final chapter.

I have written one or two blogs about bringing acceptance on what I have come to know over the last two years, but with this letter, it is now time to bring as much acceptance as I can on this …

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31 Dec, 2010

About my education

I’m not sure why I have so many thoughts on my childhood now, but another memory came to mind yesterday on my education growing up. I had major difficulties in the classroom with my teachers and parents ignoring my difficulties.

Our background has a lot to do with our parents’ being educated and our subsequent education. Although my case is different because of my neurological difficulties, studies have shown that …

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29 Dec, 2010

Having to prove oneself

We spend a life time believing we have to make our parents proud, to have their approval, to prove to them that we’re capable of achieving great things, but seriously, how many of us constantly go out of our way to prove to our parents that we’re capable? Perhaps it’s based on the things that aren’t said.

Is it just parents that make us feel like this?

When I was growing up in the 60’s, there wasn’t a lot of encouragement in school, quite the opposite in fact. Anyone with a learning difficulty, such as Dyslexia, were considered stupid …

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28 Dec, 2010

Self-esteem issues cont.d

When I look back at my own childhood I can see that I didn’t quite fit in. Although I wasn’t aware consciously I was dealing with self-esteem and confidence issues that is what they were. There are many reasons as to why we don’t fit in, but for me it was clear. It’s anything that makes us different.

Cerebral Palsy made me different and that meant I had different needs and my family’s inability to help and support me made things worse. Although I retreated into my own shell most of …

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27 Dec, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day came and it’s been the best Christmas. This is the first year my family have been able to spend time together over the Christmas period. It was just the four of us and it’s been brilliant. We decided to make our day a pyjama day and spent our day doing absolutely nothing.

We opened presents, got washed, watched a film mid morning and had a leisurely snack for lunch and just …

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26 Dec, 2010

The same old story

This was on my mind this morning. I’m wondering what’s worse, the fact that I have mild Cerebral Palsy, or the fact that I had no emotional support growing up with it.

Although they both have a tendency to bother me, the lack of support saddens me the most, because I find myself going back to that thought and how different things could have been. To me being …

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24 Dec, 2010

Try saying could, not should

Instead of us saying should, we should say could and stop putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. When we tell ourselves we should have done something, it automatically implies that we might have been able to do better, or that we might have done something wrong.

Maybe we ought to try replacing should with could and see how different the sentence sounds and implies. Could …

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23 Dec, 2010

Looking ahead

Today is a brighter day, dull outside but brighter inside. There’s a little bit of everything in today’s blog. A few blogs back, I wrote about weight issues and problems relating to reflux that I’ve had for many years. I am concerned, but not unduly worried about what long term repercussions I may have now on losing weight or not gaining weight.

Because I deal with different things on a daily basis and stress seems to be coming in from those things, I cannot help but turn my thoughts to what I have been through this year and given the …

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22 Dec, 2010

Pre-order my new book

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