The final chapter

I have had a change of plan for writing my blog today, because the letter I had been waiting for from my Neurologist came in the post this morning, so that has taken precedent. I am now looking at the final chapter.

I have written one or two blogs about bringing acceptance on what I have come to know over the last two years, but with this letter, it is now time to bring as much acceptance as I can on this …

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31 Dec, 2010

Making our own choices

I understand that in life sometimes we have to make decisions or choices that family or society expect us to make, but those choices sadly don’t always fit in with our own wants and needs.

It also depends on what we learn as children. If our parents don’t help us with our choices that will help us make decisions, it will rarely happen when we’re adults. If we’re given choices, we will …

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29 Dec, 2010

The Golden Rule cont.d

As a follow on from my blog yesterday, ‘The Golden Rule,’ I wanted to outline some more good practices that incorporate the Golden Rule philosophy:

  • We all need empathy, it’s what bonds us together. Empathy allows us to understand and share the feelings of others;
  • Compassion is something that we need more. It allows us to touch and understand someone else’s pain, be sympathetic and show pity and concern for other people’s suffering and misfortune;
  • As we journey through life, we form opinions of people even if we don’t really know them. It’s important not to judge without knowing and even if we know, not to judge. Simply try to understand;
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27 Dec, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day came and it’s been the best Christmas. This is the first year my family have been able to spend time together over the Christmas period. It was just the four of us and it’s been brilliant. We decided to make our day a pyjama day and spent our day doing absolutely nothing.

We opened presents, got washed, watched a film mid morning and had a leisurely snack for lunch and just …

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26 Dec, 2010

The Golden Rule

My mum used to constantly quote the ‘Golden Rule’ saying, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ I believe she was right, the ‘Golden Rule’ should be applied to all aspects of our lives.

For example, helping an elderly neighbour, dealing with a family member, or a colleague at work. Following the ‘Golden Rule’ allows us to be kind and concerned for others, it helps us grow emotionally, it gives us a feeling of satisfaction that we’re helping others and generally making a difference.

It shows others that we’re …

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24 Dec, 2010

Write a letter

Just a thought:

Have you ever got to that stage in your life, where you want to say something to someone you have had a disagreement with, but you either can’t find the right words, or you’ve not had the opportunity? If that’s a problem for you, write an open letter instead to the person you feel …

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23 Dec, 2010

Value of friendships

The value of any friendship is important and although friendships are important and should be embraced, it’s important to be around people who elevate our mood, people who want to be with us, not to bring us down.

We tend to conform to relationships, whether they’re right or not, because we’re afraid to be left without anyone. The same …

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22 Dec, 2010

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Ilana x