We didn’t need this

To write, I normally have to have a clear mind. The last few days have been a struggle. I have been working on trying to minimise stress so that I’m okay with my own issues.

On Friday I took a brief telephone call from Claudia. I say brief because she said hello then she put her games teacher on who began to explain that Claudia had been hit in the mouth by someone’s …

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21 Dec, 2010

More on today’s thoughts

My thoughts and feelings constantly change, but often I also feel I’m stuck in a rut. I notice that when I’m dealing with stress, which I have been over the last few days, I feel more insecure about my Cerebral Palsy issues.

I also find that the strength I have and the determination to work through what I have to, is spent having to work through other areas of stress, which has a knock on effect on the way I feel about Cerebral …

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20 Dec, 2010

A parent’s doubt

Being told you won’t be able to do that, for some children makes them even more determined to prove their parents wrong, whilst for others it only serves to enforce feelings of limited self-worth and confidence, particularly if they already have low self-esteem.

There are also parents who believe their children can do what they set their minds to, but in order to test their children’s resilience, the parent says they can’t. The more the parent says they …

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18 Dec, 2010

Role models

Children are lucky if they can look back on their formative years and embrace memories of a happy childhood with positive role models in their lives. How many of us can say that we had the most amazing role models growing up?

A generation can make a big difference in terms of values, as it can to parents making good role models. But values can also get watered down through new generations, through society, through outside …

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17 Dec, 2010

Take control

Something inspirational:

Isn’t it amazing that one of the first words we learn to say is also one of the first words we learn not to use? Why do we feel obliged to say yes to things we don’t want to say yes to?

We say yes to please, when we should be saying no and pleasing ourselves first. Perhaps we need to say maybe instead of yes and think about it, when we’re asked to do something that we don’t …

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16 Dec, 2010

Coping mechanisms

As human beings we are diverse, and therefore will develop different strategies to fit in with the different people we connect with. This goes back to childhood, to our parenting, and to our own experiences; from our parents to their parents, through the generations and the environments they grew up in.

For example, a child who is particularly bright may be picked on in school because of his or her abilities; or a child …

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15 Dec, 2010

Being resilient

Resilience or being resilient is something that concerns us all but probably isn’t something we even think about.

Where does resilience come from?

Resilience comes from within us. Our environment, our peers and our schooling all contribute to how resilient we become. Any significant influence or event will have a great impact on us personally …

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14 Dec, 2010

The way forward

I have written many journals about Cerebral Palsy, but because it has taken 46 years to find out, the feelings and uncertainties I should have had as a child, I now have with little or no hard facts to work with.

Originally I went to see one Neurologist who was more than helpful and who was willing to work things through with me. I had an MRI scan, was given a diagnosis, then referred to a Physiotherapist …

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13 Dec, 2010