Silver linings

I am sure there will be many who will use this time of year to reflect on their year and their past whilst they’re trying to move forward into the New Year.

I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see this year go. As far as my own thoughts are concerned, where I have clarity and understanding about my life, I still need to convince myself on both. Those fleeting …



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31 Dec, 2011

Being self-critical

Being self-critical stems from our core beliefs, which unless corrected will continue. But how many of us are actually aware that every time we say something, we are self-critiquing? We need to be aware and not take offence when someone tells us that we’re being self-critical and negative about ourselves.

When we grow up surrounded by negativity, it’s not something we will always consciously be aware of, but as we grow and we begin to take more notice of our environment, we will become more aware …

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30 Dec, 2011


The first step in developing compassion is empathy, because without empathy we can’t have compassion. Sadly, not only do we not practice compassion, but we fail to show empathy to those who need us to empathise with them.

The following suggestions may also help:

  • How we are on the inside is more important than how we are on the outside;
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29 Dec, 2011

Why we should reflect

I tend to use reflection as a tool to change aspects of my life so that I get to feel calm. Reflection, when used as a tool helps me understand my life in its entirety.

It’s important for us to reflect to see how we can make improvements and adjustments, so that we continue to grow spiritually and emotionally. Where life can be overwhelming, reflection helps us …

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23 Dec, 2011