It has long been documented that cranberries are good for bladder infections and maintaining natural health and well-being, but with regular consumption they are also known to lower our chances of developing stomach cancer and gastric ulcers, which is one of the known causes of stomach cancer.

Frozen or fresh cranberries can be used to treat other kinds of ulcers too, including duodenal ulcers and skin ulcers. Cranberry juice contains special chemical elements that inhibit the activities of such …

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30 Jan, 2011

Being beautiful inside & out

Being beautiful isn’t just about a beautiful face, or a beautiful body, or what’s in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty comes from the mind, beauty is etched on our souls, and reveals itself in our actions toward others.

Below are some ways you can work on being beautiful from the inside out:

  • Be grateful for what you have rather than what you’d like to have;
  • Learn to accept what you have and your life in its entirety;
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29 Jan, 2011

More about our worries

As a follow on from my previous blog about why we worry, it’s not always possible not to depending on what we have to deal with. We can distract ourselves for a little while, so for that moment we have calm thoughts, but unless we know how to banish worries for good; inevitably those worries will come back.

The key to controlling anxiety and worry is to ask the questions that will help you understand more about what leads you to worry in the first place. I tend to ask myself questions that will help me change the …

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27 Jan, 2011

Why do we worry?

Thankfully, worrying isn’t something I always do, but I do have people in my life who do my worrying for me. It’s important not to worry because worry has emotional implications on our health.

There are situations where worrying can be helpful, so that we move to take action on a problem, but when the worst case scenarios and what ifs become a preoccupation, then the worry can escalate. Worrying can …

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26 Jan, 2011

Emotional help & compensation

It’s a tough one to call, but does claiming for compensation for a birth defect or a negligence claim, make our suffering any easier?

I say that because of something my GP said to me a couple of months ago, when I was trying to find out a little more about my problems with Cerebral Palsy. She assumed that I was looking to claim …

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25 Jan, 2011

My IBS symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more common than we know or think. Having IBS and writing about it helps me, I also hope it will benefit others too.

As a child growing up I had no idea that I would be dealing with Irritable Bowel, but looking back it makes complete sense. Living with Cerebral Palsy, made me more prone to constipation and being …

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22 Jan, 2011

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